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Posted -  27/12/2011  :  03:30
Ending. Beginning.

Land, sea, sky,

Swallowed by darkness.

Blindly we wander,

Stumble, fumble.

Endless hours pass,

Without sign or break.

Still blind, still we wander,

Shudder, Tremble.

Sudden crystal fire,

Burst from the horizon.

Not long at all,

Wait, snore, slumber.

Land, sea, sky,

Enveloped in gold.

So ends night,

Light, shine, rejoice. 

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Posted - 27/12/2011 : 03:35

This is the Way the World Ends. 



The pool of life 

All but swallowed

By the thirsty Sun.

Unquenched he drinks



Greens they wilt

Skin it blisters

By the grinning Sun.

Unhearing he beams

So wickedly.

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Posted - 27/12/2011 : 03:36
Jingle Jangle

The same shoes for year upon year,
Stepped and step.
No holes have ever to appear,
Untorn, untearing.
A distance beyond measure,
Over and under.
Unhindering weight of feather,
Glides and swift.

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Posted - 27/12/2011 : 03:43
Bees and Butterflies


Some day I hope you will see what I see.
So that you know why I know what I know is no
Reason for reason to turn to treason,
These thoughts that have seasoned,
To disbelieving that what's yours is yours.
A force on a course, not endorsed or rehearsed,
But able to traverse every obstacle. Illogical,
Irrational, not understandable, but tangible
And palpable, these faculties feeling full,
Brimming and meaningful. It is what it is,
and there is nothing amiss. Time it will
Show you this. Effortless we persist
Into this abyss of bliss. The blessed is
Us, unable to resist.

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