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Posted -  08/12/2011  :  18:02
Click on the link about this exciting new find which could be the real Malkin Tower.

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Posted - 17/12/2011 : 12:12
Pluggy, glad to hear you are being mended. I suppose they could say you have temporarily four-footed your right to run about the streets of Barlick (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!).

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Posted - 17/12/2011 : 13:07
I read the letter in the Colne Times too - good interesting facts.

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Posted - 17/12/2011 : 18:38
Pluggy, I like your household monitor thingy. Could use one of those for my weather recordings, temps, wind speed etc.Thumbs-up

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Posted - 18/12/2011 : 05:50
Good news about the leg. You will of course have realised that the lighter you are the more chance of avoiding trouble in future? Sorry to nag but you are too valuable a member of the community to allow you too much time off!

Moh, the time John has put into studying his subject and the recent academic course he did are quite evident in his opinions and the way he expresses them. Anyone reading his letter will realise that it is balanced and authoritative. Pleasure to see clear concise explanations you feel you can trust. I have a lot of time for him. (Time you visited John!)

Stanley Challenger Graham

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