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Posted -  15/05/2008  :  17:02
My step father had been from Glasgow, and I had had a tough time getting used to his 'I'm telling ye Jimmy' ways so when we took the Glasgow gig as part of our tour, I was really unsure about it.
Scotland is not just a beautiful place to play (Boy do I love travelling up the West coast) but it is also one of the friendliest but certainly the most tiring. Tiring because the towns are so far apart, often 6 hours drive, and that's a big chunk out of your day. We always pitched tent around 4pm to give us time to eat and get changed ready to be at a club by 7:30.
But Glasgow; well nowhere to pitch a tent for a start, so we had agreed to stay with the club organisers, and it had a reputation.

It was a very rowdy club, and we weren't used to that, but in Glasgow you don't say so, so we just put up with it, and the later it got, the more they drank, the more got that got slopped on the floor, and the louder it got until, towards the end of the night, there was nearly a fight at the back.
The shouting became bad and one guy was looking at us saying "Shut the @*&% up!" But stupidly I thought he was trying to listen to the music. It turned out he couldn't hear himself argue!

Then with a wildness in his eyes he began to lurch towards me, and I sensed trouble.
As he got closer to the the stage his face was dark with anger, and he was stumbling and lurching, pushing everyone out of his way and staring straight at me.
I knew we shouldn't have taken this Glasgow gig!
Just over a mans length from the stage he stopped, and still cussing, hit the wooden floor face down and just lay there. What a relief.

After the gig we went back to the club organisers place.
The tenement steps were made of stone, but worn so thin that they were like paper in places and we had to walk up the edges. It was a college or Uni gig we had played, so the organisers were students, and when they let us into their flat, I can't say I was surprised.
The first thing I noticed was the dustbin in the centre of the lounge. Yep, it was a male students flat.
You could drink a beer, or have your dinner (a tin of carrots or peas) and just lob the empty into the dustbin. Saved soooo much time and trouble.
Stank a bit though.
And when it came to bedtime, the organiser showed us our bed.
Looking into the darkened room, I could just make out the bed, which wasn't the only one. There were probably 8 in there, of which half were occupied by drunk people snoring!

I was convinced that our bed was still warm.

We never played Glasgow again.

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