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Posted -  05/07/2007  :  07:23
I was having a listen to  a CD borrowed from Gundred's boyfriend and it took me back a few years into thinking about our musical past. A small tear came to my eye as I thought how much this new music was similar to our own traditional heritage.
The CD was "Never Mind the Hotpots" by the Lancashire Hotpots with such songs as "Ebay 'Eck" , "Sat Nav" and " Met a Girl on Myspace"

Now I'm not saying we were the first but 25 years ago Streetlife were  putting local touches to well known themes and these went down well in pubs and  clubs. Pity we never thought of aiming at a younger audience - we might still be playing the festivals!

Classics such as "Burnley's Cats and Dogs"  written when the council banned dogs from public parks( Chorus to the tune of Matchstick Men and Matchstick Cats and Dogs  " And that's why Burnley's full of crossed legged cats and  dogs. Going crazy 'cos they can't go to the bogs. They won't open the park gates so they have to pee down grates. That's why Burnley's full of crossed legged cats and dogs")  "Club Trip to Blackpool" and one of my favourites "By the Barrowford Water Meetings".
The latter was a real classic loosely based around Boney M's Rivers of Babylon it would have been a classic at hr Beat Herders water gathering last weekend.  "By the Barrowford Water Meetings, I met my love. Sweaty Nelly Higginbottom, she was my true love"
The Lanky Hotpots are good but anyone who every heard, and saw Steetlife would know they were  could never plagiarise like what we could. Nolic

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 08:18
I haven't heard of Streetlife, were you in it Nolic? My youngest two are interested in Lanc. Hotpots, and I find them funny, I haven't heard the tracks you mention, but the chorus from "chippy tea" ........"I don't want yer Lobster thermadore wi a raspberyy coulis (pronounced koolee) I'm a working man from Lancashire and I want a chippy tea!" and the fact that they manage to weave all the popular TV chefs name into the song, along with rhymes for things like cous cous, I find very clever.

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 09:43
As I might have mentioned once or twice before (sorry!), most of the songs I write are based on local history - or if that's too dry a term, then 'local heritage and characters'.

Somebody once said: "It's all right singing songs about Barlick, but nobody outside the area will be interested in them." (This from someone who can quite happily sing the Irish song "Fields of Athenry" in a thick northern English accent...)

However, I've found that not to be the case. In fact, many of my songs go down even better the further away from home I go - "Wild West Craven" had a crowd in a Whitby pub on their feet, clapping and singing along.

Doing spoofs or plagiarising is a great way to introduce an audience to new words while not having to cope with a new tune, and I'm not knocking it one tiny bit, it's just that I get more satisfaction from creating something from scratch. Each to their own, like.

I'm pleased to say that later this year I'll be recording a number of my songs for a project called Lancashire Voices. There's a series of these CDs, including Lanky dialect, traditional songs etc. This recording will be a proper, professional job with real musicians and the best bit is I won't have to pay a penny to do it!

The idea is that the series will capture the musical heritage of Lancashire for posterior, so although it obviously won't make the Top 40, at least folk in 100 years' time will have an opportunity to hear what a wide range of music and language the area has had in the past.

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 09:56

When this is done Cally, I'd like 2 copies please. Please keep us posted as to when it's available and where to buy.

Do you have any cd's available? And if not, why not?

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 11:09
Calluna, it sounds wonderful.  If there is a way that I can get a copy (down under), please let me know.    (Post Office Money Order probably.) 

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 15:48
Iam playing an Oldham Tinkers cd in the car at the moment,most of their stuff is about Oldham people and areas,I think they are due to appear at the Burney machanics?? club.

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Big Kev

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 17:48

Cally wrote

capture the musical heritage of Lancashire for posterior




Big Kev

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 20:48
I were jesting, lad. I know it should be for posterraty...posterritory ... ever. Go to Top of Page

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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 22:54
But what about the discs Cally, can we get one?

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Posted - 06/07/2007 : 09:13
Sorry Mel - forgot to respond.

Yes of course you shall have one! And anyone else on here who wants one. It's not intended as a commercial venture and will have only a limited run, but I should think I'll be able to burn a CD of my own songs for private distribution.

As I said, this might not start until Autumn and I've no idea how long it will take - but you'll be the first to know Go to Top of Page


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Posted - 06/07/2007 : 09:31

Cool, thanks.

Mel Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 06/07/2007 : 20:32
In the Burnley Express today it is asking bands to send in a CD with a view to 5 being picked to play at a musical extravaganza in the park

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Posted - 06/07/2007 : 23:17
I don't think that would suit our kind of music, but my mate's son is in a great band called Wait On Blues (average age 17, I think) so I'll pass on the info - thanks.Go to Top of Page

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