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Posted -  07/10/2008  :  20:47
Hi everybody,
I love this website. It seems to have everything you want to know about Barnoldswick and surrounding villages. I came to live here with my family in 2005 just because it felt like home. That is due to my Brotherton and Salkeld roots. 
My Great Grandfather, Richard Henry Brotherton was first recorded living in Earby in 1892 when he married my Great Grandmother, Isabella Salkeld. Isabella was the illegitimate daughter of William Taylor, schoolmaster and Rebecca Salkeld of Earby. Isabella's father's name had not been known in recent generations probably due to the fact she was born when her mother, Rebecca was just 14 years old. Bit of a scandle there then! It was only when I received a copy of Richard and Isabella's marriage certificate that one piece of the puzzle was solved. The other being any information on William Taylor.
The Salkelds were orginally from Grassington and Airton. Rebecca was the daughter of James and Margaret and one of originally twelve children. Eight sisters survived. The Salkelds pretty much remained in Earby living at Timothy Croft Cottage in 1871,  Selbourne Terrace, James Street and Aspen Lane through the other census years.
Richard Henry was born in Burnley and somehow came to meet Isabella who was living at Selbourne Terrace in 1891. No doubt through working in the mills.
In 1901 Richard and Isabella lived at 4 Brook Street Earby. They went on to have fourteen children, my Grandfather, James Brotherton being  the second eldest of the surving ten children. Sadly, my Great Grandparents lost four children in infancy whilst they were living in Green End Avenue.
My father recalls Isabella and her "table knocking". She was involved with the Earby Spiritualist Church, much to the amusement of my Grandfather.
At some point in the 1920's the Brotherton's descended on Barnoldswick living at 4 Gisburn Road at the time of my Great Uncle Robert's marriage and 10 Oak Terrace, Coates in 1932 at the time of Great Uncle John's marriage.
Richard Henry died in 1943 at Craven Street and Isabella survived him until 1947 at 5 Wellhouse Street. Isabella seemed to live a busy life having involvment with the Co-Operative Women's Guild of Barnoldswick and the local ramblers association. From photographs I have of her she was a very smart and well-liked lady.
My father, Dennis Leonard Brotherton, was born 1933 at 6 Hartley Street, Earby to James and Elizabeth Layfield. My father lost his older brother, James Layfield Brotherton with the sinking of the troop- ship HMR Lancastria on 17 June 1940 at the young age of just 20. His elder sister, Agnes married Harold Child in Bradford in 1939 at the time my Grandfather took the family there for a short time.  By 1940 they were back living at 40 Longroyd Road. My Grandfather remaining in Earby after the death of my Grandmother in  1951 at Boot Street.  Sadly, my Grandfather died the year before I was born in 1966 at Valley Gardens, Earby.
Well that's my very basic connection with Barnoldswick and Earby. I have lived here in Barlick now for about three years. Feels like forever. I am just getting familiar with the place and taking walks around to discover all the wonderful nooks and crannies and places of fascinating history. Just last Friday I strolled up the Forty Steps though I only counted 38. I shall have to recount. I have spent many hours reading Stanley's pages on local history. What a joy! I just wish I could take it all in.
I would welcome any comment on my ramblings or any news of any recollections of my Brotherton or Salkeld families. I am just glad to be home.
Very best regards
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Posted - 29/12/2011 : 10:15
Doc christened me. (The webmaster) I think most people would say it's quite a good description.

Stanley Challenger Graham

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Posted - 29/12/2011 : 11:12
Please give your mum my best wishes, we were teenage friends and went to Butlins at Filey in the 50's  I often went to your grandma & grandads house.  We were in NZ in 2003 and went to stay overnight with your Aunt Carol (Bob's widow), she lives in Mount Manganui next door to her son.   Your mum would know me as Maureen Nutter.

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Posted - 29/12/2011 : 19:30
Thanks for that info . I will get my dad to pass on the message the next time he visits her 

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Posted - 29/12/2011 : 19:32

Stanley wrote:
Doc christened me. (The webmaster) I think most people would say it's quite a good description.

well then I look nforward to keeping in touch !

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