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 06 December 2007
I went to Chester yesterday with my brother to do some Christmas shopping. We had a great day. I managed to knock  a few more of the list. We had lunch in a fab little italian restaurant. Lovely.
Not sure what will happen with the pressies for the Tenby lot. I won't be going down there this year. I really don't have the patience for my friends 4 boys at the moment. She has a dog now too. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer the dog than the kids but as it's such a madhouse, the dog is a nightmare. He needs to go to Dog Borstal. So do the kids!!! Anyway, I usually go there for a couple of nights to deliver my lot and I return with pressies for her hubbys family, another friend and myself. I have bought fairly light stuff so that it can be posted if need be. I wonder if she will make the trip up here when she knows I won't be going?
Christmas is getting to be such a headache lately. It gets harder to know what to buy every year. I still have absolutely no idea what to get for my parents. Maybe I'll buy them a weekend away? They would enjoy that and I am fairly sure that there is nothing that they need.
I'm not sure if I am going to be able to make the Christmas drinks after all. Imindoors has to go to London for a meeting  as his new project is almost ready for launch. I have no one to dogsit and he wouldn't cope with such a big journey. Oh well, I'm sure there will be other years?

 01 December 2007
Result! I have 'bought', well paid for, 6 Christmas presents now without actually going shopping! A friend dragged me into town a couple of weeks ago and I got 2 things but the rest have been fetched by sister and sister-in-law for the kids!
I wonder who else I can talk into shopping for me?
I am going to Chester on Wednesday with my brother to shop and hope to get most of the rest. There are just 2 couples who I don't have a clue for and that is my parents and the outlaws. Maybe I will find inspiration in Chester?

 01 December 2007
Went to the party. There were far too many people in too small a place as is often the case. The buffet was nice, Paula said she wanted chip butties as she doesn't like buffet food so there was a massive plate of chips which was topped up as it emptied and loads of bread and butter. The buffet was just slices of sandwiches....and the usual pork pies, spring rolls, sausage rolls etc. A really nice spread.
I wasn't picked on for the entertainment, I managed to keep a low profile and hide...thank goodness! The 'magician' came across as a dirty old man. It was the knotted hankie trick...but was shoving them down the girls tops. I'd have slapped him, there is no way I could have stood there and let him do it. Imindoors was off the same mind. He though he was a bit OTT with the groping.
I think I deserve a lazy day today.

 30 November 2007
I have been told I am imindoors obsessed this week. Am I? Quite probably but who cares. We are together 24/ can you not be! We do really well saying as we are together so much. We don't argue, we have never had an argument in the 7 years we have been together. I'm not saying we agree about everything, we don't. But I think we each respect the others opinion and neither of us are confrontational. Sounds like bliss doesn't it! He does wind me up sometimes...the typical bloke things that he does or doesn't do but then I do the odd typical woman thing that must wind him up too.
We are out tonight, going to a 40th birthday party. I am not looking forward to it. Paula, the birthday girl, has organised entertainment. A comedian/magician/adult entertainer. He asked her if there were 2 people besides herself who would be game for a laugh and get up in front of the crowd to have the mick taken. She said yes and apparently thought of me! She has me soooo wrong. I like a laugh but I really do not like to get up in front of folk...that was one of the reasons we had such a small wedding. The thought of all eyes on me fills me with dread. I wonder if I can catch a sickness bug by this evening? I'll be doing my best to get out of it...I've not given anyone (except Imindoors who doesn't want to go either!) the impression that I don't want to go so hopefully if I can act ill then it will look genuine! We should be going with another couple so we will be letting thm down unfortunately.

 27 November 2007
Imindoors read my blog last night. It felt like he was reading my diary. Good job all of my comments about him are nice ones. Then again he is a nice guy so I wouldn't have written any other really!
He was checking the links on the Briercliffe site and one of them comes here to OGFB. He changed the CMS on the site last night to make it quicker and easier for me to do updates. I can cope with the php coding but I have to think more about what I am doing. This will make life easier as I just type in boxes this one. He wants me to do a site for our friends in France using the CMS. I'll give it a go, I know it will help him out. I will have to keep out of the arcade though or it will never get done!
One of friendsfrom France is here in the UK this week. She is joining us for tea tonight. We are going to get the raclette out, I don't particularly enjoy it but the others do and we don't do it too often. I never feel like I have had my fill, always bitting and never quite feeling satisfied.
Speaking of which, off to the shops now to buy meat veg and cheese.

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