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 11 December 2008
I cant belive its a year nearly since i started this blog ! Where has it gone?What a rotten summer , weather wise. Im feeling  much better these days but need to lose some weight . Have cut down with the Dairy produce and bread . It must be the olive oil  or my medication? As soon as it warms up I shall get out with my camera or go swimming again.

 28 December 2007
The entries to my blog are a  bit scant im afraid ! 

Iam feeling much better  these days and my doctor says i have made a full recovery. I have short term memory loss due to the stroke . That should improve, i still read ok and sometimes i forget  things that are minor. I still remember to take my pills ok . People have been very concerned about me and so kind. I touch wood daily and look forward to re-starting work again after going back for a few days before Christmas.

 17 December 2007
I have been quite tight in not buying a tree this year. The ones i like are far to expensive . Instead i bought some glittery twigs with butterflys on and put them in a large vase with lights and my Partridge in a pear tree seventy,s decorations my Mum  made. Some where i have some forty,s glass baubles must really look in the loft to see whats there?

 08 December 2007
I dont remember it ever raining for so long! my pots are untidy outside. Never mind its crazy to go out and sort them in this weather. I have been looking for a tree but havent found one i like, shall have to look in the loft and see whats up there?

 05 December 2007
Ive just been a bit busy  tidying up and hopefully going back to work soon so making sure the house will be tidy . I usually work part time mid week, the doc says i shouldnt overdue things so need to just if i feel weak slow down. Its difficult knowing i need the excercise but do get tired easier. Im grateful and realize that it could of been far worse if my neibour hadnt helped me. I called into work and people wondered where i had been and were very kind! Its quite a tiring job at times but i do like the social side and even travelling on the bus have met friends!

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