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 24 December 2007
Why is it that when I have the least time to spend on my family tree, I get a lead? I have a branch that has been dormant for about 5 years. Last night I made a break through. Everything fell into place. Only trouble is, now I want to devote myself to research and can't! We are going out to my brother-in-laws tonight so I can't even sit down with it tonight. It'll be Boxing Day  evening before I can really get my teeth into it. I had very little sleep last night because I made this find just before going to bed.
Man, it's so frustrating!

Anyhow, I'm ready for the big event. If I've forgotten anything now...tough.

Merry Christmas

 21 December 2007
With the exception of getting fresh veg for Christmas lunch, I'm ready! I've planned the menu, choosing a light fruity dessert after lunch instead of a heavy Christmas pudding. I don't like Christmas pudding anyway. I have my parents, my brother and his daughter coming for lunch on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day so I felt I should do something different each day.
I'm doing 'egg nog trifles with mixed berry compote' on Christmas Day. There's a recipe in Delicious magazine and they looked quite tasty and easy.
On Boxing Day I am doing 'raspberry and orange syllabub'. I spotted this one on the internet, again looks tasty and fruity.
Just thought, I haven't bought wine. I'll pop up to the offy on my way home from my french lesson. I can't believe I didn't bring any back from France!
Speaking of french, I have a lesson this morning. I haven't done my homework but never mind.
Merry Christmas to anyone reading this.

 18 December 2007
We had our company Christmas meal last night. 10 of us went to a local eaterie. I drank far too much but feel surprisingly OK this morning. My chuckle muscles ache, I haven't laughed so much in ages. We went with Kev (our only employee) and his wife, our acountant and his wife (who live up the street from us) and two other couples who we are good friends with. I think everyone enjoyed themeselves.
I had written today off as I expected to have a hangover but as I feel so good, I'm not sure what to do! There are a couple of things I need from town so I might go up there this afternoon. I hadn't better drive this morning, I'd be over the limit if I was stopped.
Crikey, I can't believe it is only a week until the big day! I still don't have my tree up! Imindoors isn't bothered. I think he is hoping that I won't bother.
I'm off for a walk now to fetch a bottle of milk.

 13 December 2007
I have written all of my Christmas cards and they are now ready for posting. There is a note in with them stating my intention to donate to charity next year instead of sending cards.
I don't feel very organised for Christmas this year. I am getting there slowly but I'm sure I've usually finished my shopping by now. I do only have 4 or 5 things left to get but it still means I've not completed it yet. And of course there is Christmas lunch to think about then. The dreaded shop for fresh veg! What hell. I hope my Dad will go with me again as he has other years. He goes to the market to fetch everyones meat and we get veg while we are there. It is a nice start to the festivities to go together. Mum could go to this year. This will be the first Christmas she hasn't had to work for 35 years! She retired in the summer.
Reading Cally's blog, I really don't envy her. The last thing you need when moving is complications but on top of Christmas as well, it just drags the whole process out. I hope it all works out for her and Elaine and they are afloat soon. They really deserve to see a dream come true, they've been through so much over the last few years.
Bacon for tea tonight, I ought to go and see if imindoors is hungry yet. I don't feel like cooking though.

 08 December 2007
I've had an odd couple of days. Mum was diagnosed with glaucoma yesterday after several tests and hospital appointments. I don't know if I should worry or not. Having just read the RNIB site, it's nothing really to worry about. It's been caught fairly early and is being treated so mum should enjoy good eyesight for many years to come.'s my mum and I do worry. I used to work with the blind and know how it can affect people in later life...saying that, it was nearly 20 years ago and I guess research has moved things and improved treatments quite a bit over the years.
If this was my dad, I wouldn't have been surprised. He's diabetic and it is one of the known risk factors. Mum is relatively healthy and as far as we know, there is no history of glaucoma on her side of the family. She has to go back to the hospital again next month, I guess to see if the drops are reducing the pressure in her eyes.

Otherwise, everything in the garden is rosy. Managed to figure out what to buy for the outlaws for Christmas. Most of my shopping is done (but not quite all). Imindoors has ordered me the new camera I have been hinting about for months.
I think I will leave putting the tree up until next weekend. We have a couple of meetings this next week, I'll wait until we have them out of the way.
Going for a drink tonight with imindoors' brother, his wife and our other 2 friends. We usually have a cracking night with them....albeit very late. Better go get ready.

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