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 12 December 2009
I can't believe that I have left it over a month to add to my blog. Stuff happens so quickly and it is a very busy time at work at the moment what with opening new factory areas and christmas coming up and the consequential orders going up and new products and all. Crikey - what did I do in the last month. I can't remember.

I seem to have sorted most of my computer annoyances and glitches. In the end it was so simple I must have been simple not to have realised myself what the issue was. G-d bless iGoogle and d*mn it at the same time. A word from the wise - just keep logged in at home!

Sam-u-el the Span-u-el had a hair cut yesterday and appears to have lost a stone in weight. Ah well, maybe he doesn't need the diet we put him on - just a more regular trim! Maybe if I get a hair cut as well some of the excess blubber will just disappear - mind you it didn't when I shaved my legs the other day....

Postcards are my craze of the moment. I have been searching ebay and collecting old postcards of churches and town centres connected with my lot. I got a lovely one of Church Street Gargrave which is where my lot of Browns used to live.

We have to clear the front room in readiness for christmas and guests and a conical transmitter. We intend dressing ours as a male variety (see lights in the east) hopefully today. Some family that we have not spent christmas with before are coming up for a day or two - so plenty to look forward to there.

A Shopping trip has just been ordered by my daughter so I had better get ready and go. 

Onwards towards the Christmas excesses! 


 01 November 2009
Over the 'flu now and feeling slightly guilty for not having written for a while, especially when I saw it noted in a forum entry.

The weather here is foul at the mo. Strong strong winds howling around the house and a really wet day as well. It is just as well that the giant plant sale we went to was under cover. We didn't know that when we braved Norwich this morning. We didn't get anything but we have made our minds up about the flipping cotoneaster.

Running about 90 feet down our garden, standing about 12 feet high and at least 6 feet deep is the dankest cotoneaster you could ever wish on someone else. 


We have decided that we want a different sort of hedge, one made up of native hedging such as hornbeam etc. Now is the time to get bare rooted species from nurseries and Steve is taking Thursday off to have a right go at it. We will feel rather open without the hedge (for a while) but think of what we gain! 540sq feet of garden.

This calls for  a complete re-think of that side of the garden. Time to sit down with some graph paper I think.

Just an aside, is that Barrowford John around at all, I want to know what he knows about the Farraday family - Barnabas especially.... 

 29 September 2009
Well, extra people have now been employed. We have not seen the benefit yet, but hey!

However, I now have flu and am sitting at home moping, coughing, headache, sore throat etc. Head is sweating, feet are freezing....

On the plus side, bed is just upstairs and I have a book to read. I will just have another lemsip and then take myself back to where I should be.

Cheers all. 

 16 August 2009
It has been quite a busy week at work and all went well, well planned you see. No problems there then - well not until 15.45 on Friday afternoon when a posse of non-doers stood around my desk insisting on other stuff getting done right there and then. The trouble was that they didn't really know what it was they wanted nor had they worked out how important it was. I sat there dilligently for about 2 minutes and the blood pressure started to rise.

"I'll tell you what" I said, "You two work out what it is that you want and when you have done that, I will sit down again, meanwhile I want a coffee and need to finish my filing".

Well that put the cat amongst the pigeons, one chap said "we need to make a list", "yes I said, I had started that list here (on my desk), put down things that are needed for Monday"

Well, the list turned into a prolonged discourse of things that should have been done early in the week - and not by me. You can see the way this is going can't you. And because I stay far too late during the week, they blieve that I am the person to do the job as both of them have long journeys. It was their choice to take a job in excess of 200 miles from home. I have a life as well. I do realise it only takes me an hour to get home!

Some of the jobs they put down need to be done at some time, keeping them on the radar is not a good enough reason to delay my home time. Other stuff needed to have been done earlier in the week, calcuations should have been done and it could then have been done in seconds flat, by the personnel responsible.

What they wanted was a typist, and that is not what I do. Grrrrrr.

However, getting back onto the main theme, most of the week went really well. It was too long of course,but I am looking forward to times when extra people have been employed.

See you soon

 06 July 2009
Off work for a week - taking a well derserved break after several weeks of manic work trying to pull a system together despite others' efforts.

We got through an audit at work (as required) and now I can take a longer term view of everything and get some sort of order together. I know what I want to do and it is just having the space around me to get this done.

However life is not all about work. I have the next week off and am going to Carlisle for a few days checking out the Stables line again. A day in Carlisle and a day in Whitehaven followed by a visit to my parents should get me a smile on my face again.

Regards to all

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