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 Collapse  Introductions
New Posts New Members Introducing Themselves
Please feel free to introduce yourself to the existing members, I'm sure that you will get some wonderful replies.
96 1689 05/01/2012
By: jagdpanther
 Collapse  General Area for Misc Topics
New Posts General Chat & Fun Area
General Chat & Fun Forum
1795 83102 05/01/2012
By: handlamp
Old Posts Site Quiz
Here you will find the site quizzes which will frequently appear. Rules will appear in the actual quiz.
30 634 16/02/2010
By: gearce
Old Posts Site Quiz Answers
Here you will find answers to the recently posted quizzes in the above forum.
9 14 07/01/2007
By: roopakvaidya
Old Posts TV Programmes
Post here any comments you have on TV programmes
10 90 24/08/2011
By: poony
 Collapse  Local History
New Posts Local History
Here is the place to post topics relevent to the local history of the area, here you will find links, stories, factual documentation, photo's etc
750 7596 05/01/2012
By: Stanley
Old Posts Rare Text (Book Transcriptions)
45 424 28/11/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Local History Links
Local Historical Societies & More
25 324 17/11/2010
By: wendyf
New Posts Misc History Topics
Post here any other history related topics that dont fit into the any of the other categories
256 16654 05/01/2012
By: Tizer
Old Posts Local Folk's Memoirs
If you feel the need to publish your memoirs for others to read, then this is the place to publish them.
23 624 11/11/2011
By: Whyperion
Old Posts All Steamed Up
Here you will find topics about technical matters such as General Engineering, Trains, Mill Engines and all things Steam etc.
66 1400 22/08/2011
By: Callunna
New Posts Stanley's View
Here you will find All the Articles and Chronicles (Including The Archives) from Barnoldswick's Local Historian - Stanley Challenger Graham. "Stanley's View" appears regularly in the Local edition of the Barnoldswick & Earby Times.
608 3547 05/01/2012
By: Tardis
 Collapse  Local Genealogy
New Posts In Search of Ann Cestor
170 2135 29/12/2011
By: eastview13
Old Posts Names
Completed or partial genealogy trees can be found here. TIP!!! - Use Site search facility to search every document.
141 1699 13/12/2011
By: moh
New Posts Questions
Questions/Requests for genealogy information can be posted here.
243 4014 04/01/2012
By: thomo
Old Posts Resources for Genealogy
Useful genealogy resources can be found here
51 493 01/02/2011
By: moh
New Posts Bits & Pieces of Research Information
Post here any odd bits of info that you come across in your research, they might come in handy for someone else.
124 769 31/12/2011
By: Sue
 Collapse  Lancashire Textile Project
Old Posts Lancashire Textile Project
Published here for the first time on the Internet, is the unique insight into the steam driven Weaving Industry here in East Lancashire. Over 1,300,000 Words together with over 500 photographs.
8 95 16/07/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Transcribed interviews of people's experieinces
CATALOGUE OF TRANSCRIPTS IN THE LANCASHIRE TEXTILE PROJECT. 190 transcribed tape's about these people's experiences
192 194 07/06/2006
By: Stanley
Old Posts Leslie Graham MacDonald
The LG Story is archived at the Imperial War Museum in London as accession number 20528/33, reels 1 to 30.
22 36 29/11/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Stanley Graham's Story
Memoirs of Stanley Challenger Graham
34 146 24/07/2009
By: Stanley
Old Posts Additional Information
Lancashire Textile Project - Additional Information
7 7 17/05/2004
By: Doc
Old Posts Lancashire Textile Project - Copyright License
Licensing and Copyright Information
7 7 17/05/2004
By: Doc
 Collapse  Barnoldswick History Society
Old Posts Barnoldswick History Society
Here you will find general information about the Society, it's aims, contact information etc
2 17 18/08/2005
By: Stanley
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 Collapse  Local Information, Events & Attractions
Old Posts Eating Out

In this forum you can find what others thought of a particular restaurant/cafe or other eating establishment. Please enter in the New Topic Title the Name of the venue

20 475 11/11/2011
By: Sunray10
Old Posts Local Information
Here you will find local information relating to Barnoldswick and the surrounding areas
29 326 15/12/2011
By: panbiker
New Posts Local News and Gossip
Post your Local News, Juicy Gossip(true or false we don't care) Items Here
141 6803 05/01/2012
By: Cathy
New Posts Local Events
Post here any local events that you want to publicise. Dont forget to add them to the Events Calendar on the Top Navigiation Bar.
28 233 30/12/2011
By: Sunray10
New Posts Local Attractions & Things to Do
Here you will find local visitor attractions and generally things to do while in the area.
25 205 05/01/2012
By: billyshym
 Collapse  Armed Forces - Memories, Facts & History
Old Posts Auxilary Services
Post in this forum your memories, stories, facts and historical content of the time you served in the Auxilary Services - Home Guard, T.A's etc
1 4 03/04/2010
By: StoneRoad
Old Posts Merchant Navy
Post in this forum your memories, stories, facts and historical content of the time you served in the Merchant Navy
7 118 15/12/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Royal Air Force
Post in this forum your memories, stories, facts and historical content of the time you served in the Royal Air Force
5 443 16/11/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Royal Navy / Marines
Post in this forum your memories, stories, facts and historical content of the time you served in the Royal Navy
38 697 08/10/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts The British Army
Post in this forum your memories, stories, facts and historical content of the time you served in the British Army
22 230 27/09/2011
By: Tizer
 Collapse  Ex-Pats
Old Posts Ex-Pats, Contacts, Find A Friend
If you or yours, once lived in the area we would love to hear from you, your memories, friends in the area, what you miss, or if your trying to locate someone from your past then Post your messages here
22 323 24/08/2010
By: Zeke
 Collapse  Hobbies
Old Posts Bird Watching
3 61 04/04/2009
By: moh
Old Posts Canal Boats
13 995 14/12/2010
By: Sunray10
Old Posts Fishing
All thing fishing
3 25 15/03/2007
By: mj.berry
Old Posts Gardening
7 461 28/08/2011
By: panbiker
Old Posts Metal detecting.
Here's the new topic for you......Fill it up!
3 128 24/08/2009
By: wendyf
There has been interest in self-publication on This forum is for questions and answers on how to go about it.
1 118 12/01/2011
By: Sue
Old Posts Recipes
8 119 20/12/2011
By: Bradders
Old Posts Sailing / Yachting
Here is the place for all your sailing adventures
1 1 11/05/2008
By: John T
Old Posts Sport
4 21 19/09/2011
By: Tardis
Old Posts Want A New Hobby Category?
If you want a new forum opened up for your Hobby then ask for it in this forum and we will open one up for you.
16 503 03/10/2011
By: panbiker
Old Posts Amateur and Ham Radio
6 152 12/09/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Amateur Astronomy
10 108 07/08/2010
By: Another
Old Posts Aquariums
1 5 25/08/2011
By: tripps
New Posts Arts & Crafts
25 3717 05/01/2012
By: Another
Old Posts Beer & Wine Making
3 69 08/12/2008
By: Mercury
Old Posts Books & Reviews
10 110 03/09/2011
By: wendyf
Old Posts Collecting
8 141 22/04/2011
By: Tizer
New Posts Computers, Software & Internet
Post here anything with regards to Computers, Software and the Internet
41 971 30/12/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Cookery


33 853 14/05/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts D.I.Y. Projects
7 161 08/08/2011
By: thomo
Old Posts Dry Stone Walling
3 22 06/09/2010
By: Tizer
New Posts Metal Workings
8 1741 02/01/2012
By: Stanley
Old Posts Music - Folk
14 116 11/08/2009
By: belle
Old Posts Music - R&B
3 10 30/06/2009
By: Cathy
Old Posts Music - Rock
10 119 03/09/2011
By: colsack
Old Posts Photography
31 842 16/11/2011
By: Callunna
New Posts Poetry
I have a sneaking suspicion that a few of you out there have some poetry tucked away that needs to see the light of day. Don't be shy...Put it in here.
66 592 27/12/2011
By: Sammo
Old Posts Short Stories
If you have written any short stories and want to let them loose on the whole world, then this is the place to publish them.
9 50 08/11/2007
By: Stanley
Old Posts Wine & Beer Making
3 56 13/11/2008
By: Stanley
Old Posts Wood Working
7 12 10/01/2010
By: Stanley
 Collapse  Earby and District Local History Society
Old Posts Earby & District Local History Society
The Society's area of main interest is the Ancient Parish of Thornton-in-Craven and includes Thornton-in-Craven, Earby, Kelbrook, Sough and Harden.
11 65 26/09/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Earby Chronicles
Extracts from past editions of the "Earby Chronicles" newsletter, produced by the Earby & District Local History Society will be posted here.
14 105 02/04/2006
By: Stanley
Old Posts House History Group
Here is where you will find discussions and general chat regarding the Earby and District Local History Society - House History Group who are researching properties within the local area. Links and other resources can be found under the "Resources" forum.
75 226 07/06/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Publish Your Findings Here
For the Benefit & Interest of other people it would be nice if you could publish your finds here.
2 21 17/11/2006
By: Invernahaille
Old Posts Resources
Here you will find a mass of resources to enable you to research the history of your house, property or land
18 18 27/04/2004
By: Ken
 Collapse  Auto Generated News Feeds
Old Posts British History News
News relating to British History
14 20 11/09/2008
By: Julie in Norfolk
Old Posts Burnley Football Club News
Burnley Football Club News
263 265 08/08/2006
By: News Hound
Old Posts Entertainment News
Entertainment News
1 6 01/09/2010
By: barlickrog
Old Posts Local News
Gathered here will be relevant news articles that concern the local area.
2523 2573 12/03/2009
By: frankwilk
Old Posts News from Pendle Borough Council
News from Pendle Borough Council
17 31 03/01/2011
By: HerbSG
Old Posts Pendle Letters
Letter received from Pendle Folk
41 41 04/08/2006
By: News Hound
Old Posts Pendle Picture Quiz

Pendle Picture Quiz

7 7 10/09/2005
By: News Hound
Old Posts Science & Technolgy News
Science & Technolgy News Items
3 30 24/01/2008
By: Tizer
Old Posts Environmental News Articles
Items of news that concern the local environment
3 67 15/05/2008
By: frankwilk
Old Posts Health Issues
News articles that effect our Health
8 93 15/05/2008
By: Tizer
Old Posts One Guy From Barlick Web Site
Post here any topics which are relevant to the running of this site, request improvements, questions about its functionality etc
174 3127 14/12/2011
By: Stanley
Old Posts Skyportal Software - Bug Reporting
Please enter here any details of Bugs that you have come across while using this software
23 104 24/11/2011
By: belle
Old Posts [BUG] Reporting
If you find any Bugs within the site's software, Post the details here
12 94 11/10/2008
By: Mimi
Old Posts Virus Alerts
Post Here any Virus alerts you have come across
11 145 25/02/2010
By: HerbSG
Old Posts Posting Techniques
Here is where you can experiment with your postings, try different formats and adding elements such as graphics, links and colours etc. Posts in this section will be periodically deleted. Dont be shy - Experiment!
19 227 15/10/2010
By: Stanley
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