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Posted -  03/01/2012  :  12:12
Hello everyone , im a newb to this forum so be gentle with me please :)

Im a retired engineer and have an interest in most things mechanical including steam , and stationary engines .

I recently purchased a 2" scale cross compound undertype steam engine from someone in north yotkshire , and he tells me that the model was built by Newton Pickles .

If anyone has any information or history about this model i would be very interested to hear from them



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Posted - 03/01/2012 : 13:35
No doubt Stanley will be a mine of information - welcome to the site there will be plenty for you to peruse on here.

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Posted - 03/01/2012 : 14:11

Welcome. Just put Newton's name in the search engine, sit back and be prepared to spend hours following up the links. Nolic

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Posted - 03/01/2012 : 17:38
Dave, welcome to OGFB you should get on well with Stanley and StoneRoad.

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Posted - 04/01/2012 : 05:31
Dave, I remember it well. Round about 1970 Newton started building a loco and fell out with it and then remembered this

An undertype that Johhny, his father, built in about 1930. He used the boiler and motion to make the undertype and finished it in about 1974. He ran it on compressed air in the kitchen at Vicarage Road and put a big black oil patch on the ceiling so Olive made him redecorate the kitchen....

I thought I had a pic of it but can't find it. Can you mail me one to the address below for the collection?

Comrade Nolic is right. Go digging on the site for Brown and Pickles and you'll find enough to keep you going for quite a while. Had a look at Shed Culture?

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Posted - 05/01/2012 : 09:10
Stanley , thats brilliant , yes looks to be quite similar to that one in many respects  , although its now minus its chimney , and spark arrester ,

I had already started to make replacments for them .and to plumb in a secondary method of getting water into the boiler ( damn modern H&S rules ) 

I have to say that the motion is as snug fit today as possibly the day it was finnished, with no "play" anywhere

It seems that they guy i purchased it from got it from Newton some 25yrs ago the guy was at the time 15 yrs of age and i believe well known to the family .
In later years the same guy bought some machinery from Newton , needless to say this guy is a steam enthusiast.

I will of course send you some pictires for the aerchive as it is now and some more when ive done the chimney .

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Posted - 05/01/2012 : 17:30
Errmm , got to ask , where do i find "shed culture" . Yes i know im not the brightest bulb in the box , but i get there eventually.

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