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Barlick Born Old Salt

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Posted -  04/01/2008  :  21:08
Yes. And first let me apologise to all of our ex RN members for the Americanism, but it is probably more well known amongst the landlubbers than our own version. DO'Y'HEAR THERE. Right, I have just spoken with Calluna, and we are going for next weekend. Start Saturday 12th January. The object of this exercise is to get "Frajous Day" H & E + Dog back into the bosom of our community in the shortest possible time and with the minimum amount of fuss. Make no mistake, this is not going to be a pleasure cruise, the available time on the Saturday has to be used to its full potential, and if we are to finish the day at the bottom of a flight of locks, then I would like it to be Greenberfield or the top of Bank Newton. The ideal scenario is to have two teams at each flight of locks, this way the boat can be kept moving almost constantly, swing bridges can be dealt with by the onboard team. THEREFORE a small number of willing volunteers would be of great help and be much appreciated. Just as important is a plan to make sure that everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time. During the next few days and working with Cally and anyone else who wishes to be involved, this plan will be developed, anyone wishing to contact me personally may do so by either personal message on this site, or within this topic, or e/mail me at the or by calling 01282 861961 either during this weekend or after 1400 hrs during the coming week. I cannot promise good weather and whatever it does, Warm suitable clothing and footwear will be required. The canal will be open as we understand at present, but this has to be done soon as the forcast for later in the month is pretty horendous, if they have got it right then you would not want to be outside, let alone on the canal. SO, LETS DO IT AND GET THEM HOME. Thank you and good night.

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Local Historian & Old Fart

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 06:58
Bow thrusters are like boathooks, spend most of their time sat there doing nothing but when you need them they are a godsend.

Stanley Challenger Graham

Barlick View
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Revolving Grey Blob

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 10:23
Indeed - if I had a couple of thousand quid I'd have them fitted, but sadly they're a bit of an expensive luxury at present.

Does anyone know what time we're meeting up at the Anchor tomorrow?  7.30pm would be good for us, but we're flexible.Go to Top of Page
Barlick Born Old Salt

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 11:25
The least number of holes in the bottom of a boat, the better, and indeed they are an expensive luxury. Also unless correctly fitted, with fairings to reduce turbulence and screens to keep out unwanted objects they can be a right old pain. New topic to start now on this subect. Keep this one for good wishes etc, and the new one for the "nuts and bolts stuff".

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Site Administrator

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 11:38
I am at work till 10pm so the meeting is out for me, unless you are still there then

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Barlick Born Old Salt

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 11:44
If you miss it, then watch for updates on the new topic, and thanks again for your interest. Thomo.

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Regular Member

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 17:14
Me and Wendy will be 'int  Anchor for 7 30. See you there.


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Senior Member

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Posted - 09/01/2008 : 17:31
7.30 is OK for me too.

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