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Hugh Lawrence
New Member

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Posted -  28/10/2011  :  15:51
As a newcomer here's a genuine question. Answers I have come across so far elsewhere are not convincing. Why is it a convention for lots of bloggers and people on internet forums (not particularly this one) to use false names? I thought the big idea of the communications revolution was to open things up. How come our first instinct is to use it to wallow in a fog of mystery? It seems to me this helps The Man/Them/Captain Horrible rather than resists them. Instead we should continually establish our freedom to speak openly, shouldn't we? It's not as if what's being said in these arenas is unusually brave or controversial. But even - indeed, especially - if it was, shouldn't we be asserting that we stand by what we say and have a right to say it? Why use fancy personas? If we act like we're in some Secret Service fantasy State, we might end up getting one. I'm honestly puzzled that no-one gets this when I ask them about it.

Hugh Lawrence 

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Barlick Born Old Salt

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Posted - 28/10/2011 : 16:32
In my case its the nickname I have had since my Navy days. Welcome Hugh.

thomo Go to Top of Page
Senior Member

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Posted - 28/10/2011 : 16:49
First of all welcome to the site Hugh.

My answer to your question would be that it is in no way an accepted convention merely a matter of choice. I use a number of different usernames on various sites that I frequent. I know that for many women using the internet a little discretion can be quite comforting.

As a general rule for myself I tend to use a descriptive username on forums such as this and my full name on social networking sites. I am also aware that a great many people would not touch a social networking site with a bargepole.

All of my posts on here are terminated with my given forename and anyone that signs up to the forum such as you have can click on my username and get my full name. This is not an issue for locals as everyone knows who I am.

At the end of the day I believe it is simply a matter of personal choice and the current choice of any individual may well be based on past experiences of interacting on the web.

We try to be a welcoming bunch on here and have members from all over the world. We tend to refer to one another as friends would and drop the formality of full names.

Ian Go to Top of Page
Regular Member

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Posted - 28/10/2011 : 18:02
Hello Hugh, I always put my username with Sunny, Sun, Sunshine and follow it with Ray, When I was a lad people called me 'Ray Of Sunshine' so that's how my username came about. But, most people call me Ray or Raymond. But, I know what you mean. I don't care much for people who call themselves "Anonymous" and you do find them on different websites.

R.Spencer. Go to Top of Page
Traycle Mine Overseer

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Posted - 28/10/2011 : 18:51
Welcome Hugh. Never seen it as an issue. Nolic

" I'm a self made man who worships his creator" Go to Top of Page
Revolving Grey Blob

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Posted - 28/10/2011 : 20:26
I'm thinking Cliff Richard, Englebert Humperdinck, Lady Gaga and a myriad others... wouldn't life be just that little bit less exciting if we were all forced to adhere to our given names?

And we would have been deprived of all that wonderful stuff Ronnie Barker wrote under a pseudonym. And George Orwell. Oh, and George Eliot too. The list goes on and on!

I've had several nicknames throughout my life and it's never been an issue. 

However, welcome to the OG website, Hugh (Aha! How do we know that's YOUR real name? You could be impersonating that great chap who did so much fine work for Barlick in Bloom)

I look forward to reading more of your posts. 

Yours sincerely

Jane ... That's Not My Name (as the song goes...) Go to Top of Page
Regular Member

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Posted - 28/10/2011 : 21:52
b. 18/7/1937. Anthony Bacon.

"You can only make as well as you can measure"
                           Joseph Whitworth
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New Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 02:52
Hi there Hugh, welcome to OGFB,

I have not seen this as an issue either, my handle, is based on the fact that I hail from that great suburb of Salterforth known as Klondyke and at the time i adopted this username I lived at no. 49 California Gardens the coincidence with the Gold Rush seemed appropriate and amusing.


kindest Regards
Ken Go to Top of Page
Local Historian & Old Fart

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 06:24
Welcome Frank. Never seen it as a problem. If people want to use a handle that's up to them. My mind goes to amateur radio hams.....

Stanley Challenger Graham

Barlick View
stanley at Go to Top of Page
Regular Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 10:24
Well Hugh, mine is a nickname

Anonymity is the great thrill of the internet, but sometimes it is more important to give out less information because of the spam bots that trawl and harvest this personal info.

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Senior Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 11:01

Stanley wrote:
Welcome Frank. Never seen it as a problem. If people want to use a handle that's up to them. My mind goes to amateur radio hams.....

Stanley how could you? I know you know the difference so I suspect a bit of tongue in cheek banter here.Wink

I am going to be pedantic here just for the record. Radio Amateurs have a callsign issued to them when they pass the Radio Amateurs exam. It is granted to those who wish to further their knowledge in telecommunication systems and is granted for the self training of the licencee. It is also a legal requirement for them to use this when transmitting on the amateur bands.

you must surely be referring to the CB fraternity who can use any name or "handle" they wish (as long as it is not derogatory). Operation of the equipment does not require any technical training or exam and is in the main unregulated.

Hugh will notice here that this is an example on the site of how we can go of on a tangent from time to time.


Listed in the Amateur Radio Call Book with full name and address.

Another example of why we sometimes use alternative ways of identification and I suspect the main reason for Stanleys post.

Ian Go to Top of Page
VIP Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 11:48
Hello Hugh, I hope you enjoy what you read on these OGFB forums and will contribute more in the future.

As someone who uses a `nickname' instead of his full name on this forum I'm happy to explain why. I don't live in or near Barlick, I'm in Somerset, and so you won't meet me on the street up there in the Pennines. I run a business publishing and selling books worldwide and I don't want my views and opinions expressed on this site to have any adverse effect on my business. What I say on here is personal and not in any way connected with my business.

Also I agree with Tardis about security and it's especially significant for someone llike me who has to have some of his personal details (career history, business details, address, phone number, email etc) on his business web site. If I put my full name on here it could be linked with the information on the web site and lead to someone attempting to steal my personal identity. Hiding my name is primarily a defence against malicious people who might scan the site, rather than against members. Several OGFB members know my full name and contact details.

Don't get misled by the idea that people are trying to hide their identity from the authorities - GCHQ would soon crack that one!

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Hugh Lawrence
New Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 13:51
Thanks for the amiable responses. Hugh

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Regular Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 15:43
Hello Hugh, and welcome.

My reasons for using a nickname on t'internet are exactly the same as Tizer's.

I can add that after 5 years, I am still suffering serious backlash, from another totally unconnected forum, about views expressed therein that upset a former business partner. And I wasn't using a cryptic username.

It's a small world sometimes out in the ether.



Dyslexics untie Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 18:39
Hello Hugh, I came on here to find out about the history of the farm where I live, so there is no point pretending to be someone else.
 Hi there Ken, how long have you been around? I was just thinking about putting the "Smith v Riley" story on the site, and wondering if you would mind!

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Senior Member

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 23:25
Hugh....I wonder how many sites have you "visited"  with this question, and why ?

This is  a place where real people contribute to add to each others understanding ........
Take my point ......?



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