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Revolving Grey Blob

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Posted -  19/07/2011  :  13:41
Here are the contents of an email I just received. Think I might mosey along...

================= Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 15:48:12 +0100
Subject: Two amazing stand up and lie down evenings for sharing poetry, music, art, a touch of madness...

Hi everyone, here’s two exciting events for your diaries.  Hope you may be able to make at least one!  Please feel free to forward to anyone who you think might be interested in either performing or simply enjoying a creative evening at Café Cargo, Foulridge Wharf on the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.  Lovely place to be on a summer evening…





Wed Jul 27th

Cafe Cargo, Foulridge Wharf



A thinly veiled excuse for arty types to do what they do best - laze around, dream dreams, scheme schemes, quaff the odd beverage and talk nonsense all night!

Purely on a whim, I have booked the salubrious surroundings of Upstairs @ Cafe Cargo in Foulridge. Mainly as it's such a fab venue down by the canal. The cafe/bistro will be open downstairs so we will be able to order coffee, cake, bowls of chips, homemade grub, pints and carafes!


I am expecting a cafuffle* of painters, photographers, writers, musos, filmmakers, sculptors, dancers, actors, drama queens and origami aficionados... and their mates... whoever!

It's not a networking event as such but if you are burning to show some new work there are display board, table top, amplification, projection and hanging from rafter possibilities... anything goes really but please let me know in advance! 

Cost wise I was just thinking of doing a whip round on the night just to cover the hire of the room. Hopefully, that will be no more than £2 a head. Any other questions/demands/ideas please call me on 07960 756962...


Hope you can make it!

* or whatever the collective noun for a group of arty types is... answers on a postcard please! 


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Posted - 19/07/2011 : 19:42
Wish I was nearer it would be right up my street!

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