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Posted -  28/04/2011  :  07:37
Political comment is a high risk activity on the site these days so I thought I'd try again to give those who are interested in politics a safe haven!

Stanley Challenger Graham

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Posted - 05/01/2012 : 16:53
Very clever Tardis but not very representative...what you omitted in your scenario was that dinner for the poorest was bread and water and for the richest it was 5 bird roast.

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Posted - 05/01/2012 : 16:58
That's all too true, Tard, and has been the fault with our Welfare systems even before Beveridge and nobody is man enough to tackle it. There is simply no encouragement to save. My wife and I saved throughout our lives and thought we could rest content without the problems that the more responsible members of previous generations endured in their retirement. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's some four years ago, my wife's condition has deteriorated so that she has had to enter a care home and the financial outlook is very bleak when we are looking at costs of at least £33000 per annum. The position is, of course, being aggravated by the low interest being received and the rampant inflation being encouraged by the BofE's `quantative easing and the squeeze on local government spending.. Never mind the position may be saved by the Indepandant Commision's decision to allow GPs to prescribe lethal doses for the sying to take themselves. It won't take long for one bright lad to extend this to embrace this idea for us senior wrinklys. Just one word of warning though, everybody gets old if you wait long enough.

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