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Posted -  30/04/2008  :  20:33
If you go down to this site today you're in for a big suprise... 

well not really, just click on the 'pendle gallery' button on the front page to see last years selection of Pendle pictures. Many of which can be seen in this years Pendle guide and at the Discover Pende Centre.



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Revolving Grey Blob

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Posted - 30/04/2008 : 21:14
Wonderful photos there, Mark.

I particularly like your trees pics, eg Marsden Park 0154.

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Posted - 01/05/2008 : 00:01
Loved your photo`s Mark, great portraits, and absolute stunners of Pendle hill, I take my Lens cap off to you, great stuff mate

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Traycle Mine Overseer

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Posted - 01/05/2008 : 06:24
Superb pictures Bark. Will point daughter towards them as she is doing photography as part of her design course. Nolic 

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Posted - 02/05/2008 : 10:14
Mark, Hope the following helps you get your web site optimized...

I am using Firefox v. on Linux. If i click on the Pendle Gallery box I get a page with three pictures. When I click on the two outer ones it tries to open pop-up boxes (which I disallow on my system). Clicking on the centre picture gives another page with a list starting with "Boulsworth Area". These are obviously hyperlinked but the links don't work on my system - nothing opens. I have also tried using my back-up browser (Epiphany) and they don't work on there either. It wants me to download an Adobe Flash Player but it should not be necessary.

I should point out that I do my work on this PC and access web sites of all kinds around the world using these browsers and only rarely have any problems. Firefox is used by more than 20% of PC users now and the number is increasing.

I hope you can tweak your web set-up to avoid proprietary add-ons being necessary so that you can get to the maximum number of people!

Cheers, Tizer

Edited by - Tizer on 02/05/2008 10:16:49

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Big Kev

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Posted - 02/05/2008 : 10:24
Very nice pics.......

Big Kev

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Posted - 02/05/2008 : 11:01
Thanks for the info tizer, The links are set to open in a new page as the main body of the site is a flash file so using the back button would send you to the begining of the site rather than the last page you were on.  Have only had issues with the flash player on systems that have outdated flash players so far but it is an issue, thats what you get for not getting an expert to do it!

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Posted - 02/05/2008 : 14:41
Very nice.

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