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Revolving Grey Blob

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Posted -  21/08/2011  :  10:18
See - there IS a use for royalty after all! [Cally ducks for cover].

It seems they've grown loads of saplings and stuff and are giving them away to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee:

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Posted - 22/08/2011 : 08:47
I get the feeling  that someone new is doing the PR for the royals, and they are playing a blinder.  The wedding was a great success -  it would have been hard to get that wrong - but the Queen's visit to Ireland would have been thought impossible even quite recently.  I noticed that the Queen's horse in the Ebor handicap at York on Saturday was ridden by Joseph, son of trainer Aidan O'Brien.  That will go down well in Ireland.  (Came second)

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Posted - 28/08/2011 : 10:51
With help from a grant, The Woodland Trust supplied and helped us plant 600 whips along the bottom boundary of the Clarion House site. They supplied the knowlege of the mixture of ancient species that would have been used when the hedge was first planted.  The boundary of the field is a raised ancient hedgeline behind a ditch that the field drains run into. The hedge re-instatement has been a bit hit and miss, some lengths have prospered well and others bits have failed.

We did this about 10 years ago now (could even be a bit longer), maybe it's time for another go?

The 100th anniversary of the present Clarion House on the site at Dimpenley is coming up next year. We are planning events for a week of celebration in August.

I will bring up the hedge again at our next meeting in September. Thanks for the link Heather.

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