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Posted -  26/05/2007  :  00:07
Has anyone any idea about how to shift black fly on broad beans?  My beans are supposed to grow high and are 4 foot now.  However, there are plenty of black beasties and they're over the bean pods too.  will growing shorter beans next year help.  Does spraying with weak washing up liquid solution do any good?  I'd love to hear all comments!

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Posted - 26/05/2007 : 15:15
You've got the beasties early! All mine are still free - touch wood! I try to sow mine, and have the tops nipped out before they arrive. Its always worked OK before Global Warming. Bug Clear will kill 'em. They're just as partial to Sutton (dwarf variety) as any other.

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Posted - 27/05/2007 : 06:57
Railway men were nearly always good gardeners......

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Posted - 27/05/2007 : 09:09
My Japanese Maple had black fly about 6weeks ago,very early this year,I sprayed it weak washing up liquid when it was just going dark one night then sprayed it with water the following evening,the wee beasties were no more..

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Posted - 27/05/2007 : 10:00
If they are only wee beasties, they won't eat much. I used to spray Aphids on my roses, and now don't bother. they don't affect the blooms.

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Posted - 27/05/2007 : 13:50

Ive tended to grow onions next to paricular plants that tend to get fly ,like roses and they seem not to like the onion and the roses are much better!

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Posted - 28/05/2007 : 02:45
I have been told that one can spray the aphids with a weak garlic and water solution, so it makes sense that the onion should have a similar affect, I suppose. (Have never done it though.....I detest garlic and wouldn't have my beautiful roses smelling like garlic!)

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