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Hugh Lawrence
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Posted -  28/10/2011  :  15:51
As a newcomer here's a genuine question. Answers I have come across so far elsewhere are not convincing. Why is it a convention for lots of bloggers and people on internet forums (not particularly this one) to use false names? I thought the big idea of the communications revolution was to open things up. How come our first instinct is to use it to wallow in a fog of mystery? It seems to me this helps The Man/Them/Captain Horrible rather than resists them. Instead we should continually establish our freedom to speak openly, shouldn't we? It's not as if what's being said in these arenas is unusually brave or controversial. But even - indeed, especially - if it was, shouldn't we be asserting that we stand by what we say and have a right to say it? Why use fancy personas? If we act like we're in some Secret Service fantasy State, we might end up getting one. I'm honestly puzzled that no-one gets this when I ask them about it.

Hugh Lawrence 

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Posted - 29/10/2011 : 23:27
Hey Thomo who'd have thought it, mine is also a nickname given to me by a sailor! Og is my guilty secret..I love the fact I have a little piece of life that few people who know me know about...I did once have a relative tell me all about my posts on here...and they made no connection at all! Great eh?

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Posted - 30/10/2011 : 01:33
Hi there wendy,

No I dont mind at all. The Smith v Riley story is a good story anyway there are, after all, several direct decendants who still live in and around Barnoldswick.

kindest Regards
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Posted - 19/11/2011 : 16:59
Hi Hugh


I'm a writer and blogger and I never, ever work under my own name. Good reason for it - I want to preserve my family's and own privacy.  It's not a case of pretending to be someone else, in fact that's probably the last reason I do it - just my online and work presence is nothing to do with my kids, or the rest of my life, and it means I'm free to interact in a relaxed way, where I choose online rather than being on guard all the time.


I have been a longterm member on a very large fast moving internet forum where everyone has made up names and have for years and one woman joined, spamming us with links to her blog where she not only names herself but named where she lived, had pics of her house etc. She turned out to be a total head-the-ball, putting up links to her own sites then saying members were stalkers when they followed her links (she was a little eccentric, is the polite way to put it - claimed to be a medium).It ended up with her being thrown off the site, and a lot of innocent  people being put in a vulnerable position because she chose to id herself and couldn't understand that is not how the internet works.

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Posted - 20/11/2011 : 05:13
Best explanation  of the reasons for using a by-name I have seen. No point me trying to be anonymous, too many people know of me because of the BET articles. I have had poison pen letters stemming from that source. We get the occasional Troll on this site but over the years we've worked out some effective strategies to deal with them. Funny thing is that this moderation exposes some of us to crticism for being the Mafia! Ah well.... The bottom line is that we have a reasonably clean and safe site. Not bad considering we have about 30,000 hits a day.

Stanley Challenger Graham

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