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Julie in Norfolk
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Posted -  26/04/2008  :  10:10
I am devastated today to learn of the death of Humphrey Littleton. He has been a regular part of my life for as many years as I can remember. We went to see a recording of  "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" at about the time of his 80th birthday. He was brilliant, he has played at Thetford festival. As great loss altogether.

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Posted - 26/04/2008 : 15:28
Right behind you Julie.....  All round entertainer and good egg and I have never heard anyone say a wrong word against him.  Wonderful how he got away with the double entendres, a master of the art.

Stanley Challenger Graham

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Posted - 26/04/2008 : 17:25
100% in agreement this guy was good.
Don't think it gets any better than that

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Barlick Born Old Salt

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Posted - 26/04/2008 : 17:51
Last time I saw Humph was at Clitheroe Castle, Possibly mid 60s. Sad loss of another great jazzman.

thomo Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 31/08/2010 : 18:48

                Yes all of you are right.  Humphrey Littleton is great in his field and i love him. this is really very sad. we lost a very good man.


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Posted - 01/09/2010 : 16:58
My dad had a lot of Humphrey Littleton records i used to listen to when i was a teenager, to thid day i have a love of jazz . I saw a you tube of him on the Jools Holland show with Craig David wonderfull stuff. But alas all the old and great music men are dying now, but they have left us with some great music.. Another great favorite of mine is Chris Barber i saw him in concert a few times  in Nelson  superb band i see he has just turned 80 and still looks good..

Barlick  Rog   

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