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Revolving Grey Blob

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Posted -  06/04/2011  :  16:43
Here's the first of what we (Big Kev and Callunna) hope will be many images combining old and new photos of Barnoldswick.

This one is a 19th century picture of Wellhouse Farm which stood on present day Church Street. 

Having put the two images together, though, it's possible that the farm actually stood where the car park is now, ie behind Church Street on Brook Street. The gable end in the original photo didn't match the present day gable end of the Bodycare shop, whereas it might fit the one at the end of Garden/Market Street - but this might just be down to a variation in the position of the cameras.

Anyway - it was fun blending the two images together. And yes, that is Callunna standing next to the little girl...


Apologies for the small size. The original jpg is 1500pixels/127mm wide, but it seems to shrink when I insert it in a post. 

Thanks to SG for supplying original Wellhouse Farm image.

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Posted - 19/04/2011 : 10:50
Nearly there Cally, nice to see my first house featuring centre frame, number 24, the one with the shop front which is how it was when we bought it in 1974 and converted it back into a front room. We put the kitchen extension on as well. Interesting dual stacks on the house on Beech Street. Had to be like that because of the tripple pitched roof arrangement on the gable.

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