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 04 February 2008
What a miserable so and so I have been these last few days. Hopefully the change in medication  will help that even if the pain returns. I was looking in t'internet to day at something the physio mentioned. There was a nice little diagram showing the exact position of my pain. If the MRI shows my diagnosis to be true then a bit if acupuncture may do the trick

I also feel I have been a little selfish, and have been rather limited in what I have been reading, and responding to, mainly because I couldn't stay awake long enough to read much more ( I have even had 2 hours sleep this afternoon and nearly missed the Art programme on SKY.) So I missed what happened to JacK and the following stories. about Ben, er Jack2. I have also been veryweepy, so that after I told my story yesterday about fudgie monster I spent most of the rest of the afternoon having a bit of a weep.

 I have been off my food too. Quite good really as I was piling the weight on because I have been so inactive. This morning I was nearlyback to normal.

On Saturday night Lancashre daughter and her husband took Bob and I out for a meal for our respective birthdays, the meal falling between the two dates. It was a refreshing change even if I had to be walked in and out being held up on either side. The other diners  must have thought I had had just alittle too much to drink already

Today I have been reading up a bit on drawing techniques and my new books should arrive tomorrow. I am looking forward to a new challenge. If I manage anything worth showingI'll put it online.

Must go now as Soda cat has decided its time for her tea. I can tell because she is chasing her tail and a  biro around the floor. Always a sure sign. Oh she is even by my left leg, she has come to fetch me

 Did I tell you Warwickshire daughter is house hunting. She and hubby are taking their time as they don't want to move again for some time. I'll keep you up to date, when there is anything to tell

I have just read your BLOG Cal and thought of something I was told years ago.
if you have an idea and go through with it. Write it all down  and post a copy to yourself at the same time as you patent it. That way you will have a date stamped enevlope proving when you came up with your idea, incase anyone claims they came up with it first


 01 February 2008
Well I am afraid I have still been very inactive. My weekly trip to the physio resulted in another trip to the GP as I appear to have got most of the 'rare' side effects from the pain killers I have been taking. I am in the process of coming off them, I am more wide awake now but in more pain. Tonight I will have a go at my new painkilling patch. Roll on the 9th Feb for that MRI. On  a good note, overall I think the pain is less.

So sorry folks nothing much to write about again

 29 January 2008
Today I had intended playing my DVD on drawing flowers or drawing people and having a go at paining them sat at the kitchen table. The reality is I have spent another afternoon asleep, somewhat tearfully I may say. Nothing more than feeling sorry for myself, and I read on the leaflet with my tablets that I can get agitated tired and depressed!!. Yes I can agree with that

 What else can I add, not much I am afraid. Physio again on Thursday


 25 January 2008
Oh yes. I had a  MARRIOTT REPLY of interest. I need to follow it up. There are more than one or two coincidences with my own story!!

 25 January 2008
There is still not a lot of improvement. The physiotherapist  is a bit'flumuxed' by it all. At least we have identified that it is any sort of extension activity that brings the spasms on. I hva  an MRI booked  for the 9th Februaury and hopefully that will reveal all. Meanwhile no streching, or extension movements, a few basic exercises to do. By the time I have done those no doubt I will be ready for yet another nap.

After thr trip to the physio Bob took me out. We went to the Lowry centre, had ameal and then went to see the show HOBSONS CHOICE. It was extremely good, but having bees sat for 2 hours or more I found it difficult to walk . Everyone must have wondered what was wrong with this woman who yelled every step she took.

I hope this problem soon rights itself...

Meanwhile I am anxious to do a bit more paining. I have bought and been given for my birthday, a number of Art instruction DVDs and some good books. My plan is to set up my laptop on the kitchen table, as well as my paining parphernalia. I can then work step by step through the DVD, stopping and starting as I carry out each process. Hopefully I wil produce a masterpiece.  As I gain confidence I will have a go at a few more originals rather than copying others, or following instructions to do so. Moonlight over Kelbrook, I think was one of my first truelly original pieces. There are many photos that I want to have ago at too.

Thats all for now, I feel the  droopy eye syndrome returning

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