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 14 December 2008
I have started my new job and very nice it is too. Mind you, I am still in a honeymoon period, so let's wait a bit. I start out quite early in the morning and arrive home not ever so early so I am a little tired and haven't been getting on to OneGuy in the evenings. What a treat I had this morning with all those new posts to look at.

I have not started toward Xmas yet, no cards written etc so they will have to be done today. This evening I take my daughter to her friend's house in Colchester and from there tomorrow morning she goes to America to visit friends for Christmas, actually she is out there for a month. We had a panic with paperwork but all that was resolved Monday thank goodness.

I have found another couple of possible ancestors during the week and will have to do some digging there when I get a chance.

I have got 3 days off over Christmas, Christmas day, Boxing day and of course New Year's day. I haven't worked out what to do with all this free time yet! I have high hopes for Spring 2009. Either some more time in the Lakes or possibly some West Yorks days, Hardacre hunting!

Anyway, Seasons Greetings one and all, natter again soon.

 30 November 2008
Well I have started my new job and so far I am happy with the ethos of the company. The people are friendly and thus far the job seems to fit like a glove. I am getting used to the earlier starts and the journey isn't too bad. White van had to be left at the old company so I am back reconciled with blue rover. Oh, I had forgotten what it was like to put your foot down and for something to happen immediately! I can pull out with confidence even if there is a car approaching in the dim distance! I appreciate the all round vision that you get with a car, I know it caused me problems when I started driving the van.

I have done nothing family history wise since I found an error and need to correct it. The plan for today is to do that work, I appear to have a family that called all their first sons John. You get a lot of Johns of similar age and then two of them marry women called Mary. Catastrophe!

We will be 3 at Christmas as my daughter is going away to friends. I am pleased for her but will miss her as she goes for a while.

I got new glasses yesterday, I have got to that point in life when one's arms are not long enough. Fortunately my sight hasn't deteriorated too much but I fancied that new glasses would help my concentration and as the new job will involve a lot of reading for a while I thought that it would help. So I am sitting here on the computer with glasses that are 4 years old, I have 3 pairs in my handbag, a pair I bought from Tesco 5 years ago on my bedside table and I am worried that I have lost an old pair!

I got the bumph on the MSc course at Salford and would you believe it, this week I have met two people who are doing the course. Both of them say that it is valuable and so I shall go for that when finances allow. I just need to save enough for the first semester and it will be all go from that point on.

I shall go and walk Sam-u-el Span-u-el now and see where we get to, up to the hills and holes I think although that may be too muddy a route.

Cheers everyone.

 22 November 2008
Two more days to go before I start my new job and I am feeling fairly calm about it. I suppose that is what comes with knowing your subject.

I was googling about on the net the other day and found a distance learning MSc from Salford Uni that would suit me down to the ground. It pays to keep ones qualifications current I think and although I probably know most of the course from experience, I haven't a qualification that shows I have been tested in this subject area, only attendance of particular courses. I am awaiting information as I type.

I got a copy of the Lancashire Parish Register Society transcripts for the Furness Registers and although there are plenty of the Stable family to be found, there is no Wilson Stable. Slowly but surely I am closing in on him, I must be if there are records I can now discount.

Other things that are going on in the Smith household is the continual clearing of dog hair; I had a word with Sam the other day about it but all I got was some expectant happy face. I don't think the message got through so I shall have to sweep through again. The joy however of not having carpets is that the dust tends to accumulate under tables and in less used routes and I don't have to bother the vacuum cleaner at all.

Breakfast in a second and then a major reshuffle of paper from the dining table to more suitable place and putting away of clean clothes. Sweep through and get on with the weekend. That sounds like a plan, I will let you know if it worked.

 19 November 2008
The value of looking at original parish registers (or at least full transcriptions if you do not get the chance for the originals) is that you find all sorts of people that you don't necessarily come across if you just use the IGI. That was my experience this week and although it does not make too much difference to my tree (just shuffles along to a different brother for a generation and then to a different son called John (as most were) it just goes to show how easy it is to be fooled into a false sense of security with the aforementioned IGI.

That was my experience this week. I can't say how far my stomach dropped - but it is not like there is any harm done, just a feeling of despondency. Not quite a failure (as if I hadn't been checking and looking I wouldn't have found it) but a sheer drop in mood.

However I am back up with the plan now and need to make some adjustments so it has brought me right back to where I was a year ago. Where did Wilson Stable (my one) get baptised. He is not on the IGI. On the census he says that he was born in Broughton (Furness one) but he was not baptised there. He also said on the census that he was born in Whitehaven so now I need to look at those records to find him. I am sure that it all ties in with Ulpha ( I know it from the very end of my nose to the tag on my toes!). But!!!!!!!!

Anyway. Today is the very first day of the rest of my life. We have lifechanging changes ahead of us and just another month to muddle through. Things that will change is that I will not be statying over in Essex any more. I will not have to travel to Essex or Kent for my job. I leave all the Essex frustrations behind and head for more local ones instead. I become part of a team instead of feeling as though I am the only one driving ahead.

Samuel the Spanuel will not miss me when I am away and chide me for being away when I come home. Things, in short, should settle down.

Later on today I am going to the family history centre to look at some bishop's transcripts for Ulpha, the more recent ones than before, post 1812 this time. It may help me with some loose ends and some marriages also.

More later.

 15 November 2008
I am back home again having spent all the week in a hotel. Only another couple of days to go and I can leave that life behind me as I start another job on the 24th of this month. Trouble is that I mithered the accountant to pay me on the day I leave and now I find that to finish up to my satisfaction I have another couple of days to do. I think the fault there is in my personal pride about how I leave and not the company's perception of me when go. I know what that will be. Enough said.

I am back in to work to finish off a bit on Sunday and will then take part in the audit and will finish off for the Kent site on Thursday.

Crikey I missed Sam (oh and everyone else) but especially my dog. He is such a dominant dog, determined to try to control at every opportunity and I know that I should make his position lower down in the household, but he is such a charmer. We reap what we sow and I have not sown all the correct seeds there.

What a pleasure it is to be in the comfort of your own surroundings, but did I really leave it so untidy? I think I may have done. I had hoped for the odd bit of tidying to be undertaken, but at least they tidied their own made mess from during the week.

I got a call from my local Mormon Church to say that the film I had ordered (Bishops Transcipts) are in and I shall be down there Wednesday to go through and copy what I want from those. These will cover the time from 1812 onwards, I suppose that I am looking for the elusive Wilson Stable's baptism record - as yet unfound - but I am also looking for extended family there as well. These are the Ulpha records (sorry), I didn't explain earlier. I am at the end of transcribing the records from 1706 to 1812 into a handwritten book and I shall type them up now and add it as an article on this site.

I should think that is all for now.

Talk to you soon

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