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 21 November 2007
Im still in the house most of the time  recovering from my mini-stroke,looking forward to the weather being brighter than it is. Hoping to get a new camera soon so shall get out and take some photo,s. Must  try toget back to my part-time job in the Spring. Have lots of time for my painting now, but cant seem to get around to doing it.

 19 November 2007
 Yesterday, i felt dizzy so went back to bed for most of the day. The weathers fowl damp and dark. Enjoyed the first episode of Cranwell, now looking forward to the next!
I just feel  like hibernating this time of year( I hate it !) But feeling a bit better today. We both manage to pick up funny bugsaround this time of year. If it was dryer we would go out walking!

 17 November 2007
I thought i would have a go at blogging,
I try and keep up to date with things but really need to experiment more with the computer.I find myself looking mostly at  painting website,s. Buying on e-bay. Reading local history. and watching telly. I have really enjoyed The Tudorsand  look forward to watching The Street next week!

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