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 13 January 2008
I have to busy myself for a short while. Imindoors is in the process of performing a delicate operation. Sam, my laptop of 3 years is struggling to charge her battery. Imindoors is opening her up as I type to check out the's a charger/connection problem not a battery problem. I can't watch. My poor faithful laptop is currently in bits all over the toyroom desk. I only hope it is only the suspected dry joint that is the problem and that, after all this, he can fix it.
Need to pop off and see how it is going. Please let it be something simple!

 08 January 2008
Well the guinea pig is better. I think he jumped and landed on the edge of his feeding bowl causing bruising. I'll keep an eye on him but the limp has gone. We also trimmed his trotters which will help!

I think I might be the someone Julie in N. refers to with the new family tree find. I'm looking forward to swapping info. Hopefiully I have soemthing new for her as well as vice versa. It's the pictures that I like the most. I like to put faces to names, I feel it makes it all seem more personal rather than just a name in a file with the titbits of info collected over time. I also like to see if there is any resemblance to any other known family members.

It's been a busy month so far. It's VAT time and PAYE so I have been buried in the accounts lately. With the exception of posting the cheques, I am on top of it now.

I'm watching the nights geting lighter. Admittedly there isn't much improvemnet yet but it is 4:30 when I am closing the curtains as opposed to nearer 4 just before the Christmas break.  I like this time of year when changes and new growth can be seen. I'm sure I saw new leaf bud on my acer last night, it was dark though so I'll look in daylight today.
I'm hoping to get out into the garden this week to tidy up a bit. The weather forecast is bad though for this week so it will perhaps be next week now. We chopped some conifers back last week, my father in law is going to help me shift the cutting when the weather allows as imindoors is off to London for meetings. Once the cuttings have gone I can get around to tidying the plants up. They are looking quite unruly at the moment. Most of our back garden is gravel, we are built on clay and were forever water logged so we did away with the lawn. Anyway, we have 4 or 5 flower beds/troughs that are needing attention.

 31 December 2007
I must be getting old. New Years Eve and I'm sitting here listening to the dog barking in his sleep while I worry about  one of my guinea pigs who appears to have developed a limp. He seems lively enough, shouting for veg and hopping around the pig pen. We think it might be that his tallons needed a trim, one of them was slightly curled so perhaps that was making his trotter pad tender?  Anyway, we'll keep an eye on him and see how it goes.
I'm quite sober...correction, completely sober.
This is the first year that we have been in the UK for New Year since we bought the house in France. It was my choice to stay here but I think next year we will maybe go away. We don't go out when we are there but we don't have to listen to the fireworks over there.
Off to bed to read my book now I think. I like being older (but not too old!). At least tomorrow won't be written off with a hangover.
Happy New Year

 27 December 2007
Well Christmas came and went for another year. We had a nice time. Glad it's over and we can relax for a couple of days now.
I've just been to see my neighbour. His partner died in October aged only 42. I haven't seen him about over the last 2 days and as his car didn't shift, I wondered if he had been alone. He walked to his partners brothers on Christmas Day. He's ok though emotional as I expected. He's such a nice guy and has had such a bad year. It makes me realise how lucky I am. It's the first time I have been to his house. I usually catch him in the street. He seems to have really appreciated the visit.
I hope this year is better for him.
Time to kick back and put my feet up.

 25 December 2007
Merry Christmas

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