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 24 May 2009
I take back what I said about last week being busy, I hadn't at that point experienced this week. Good Grief!

I haven't been on One Guy all week - just too tired when I got home.

Our American visitor has arrived and is enjoying herself. Phil took her to Norwich, she has been to Colchester and today we are going to Culford for a Art Deco fair and to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village.

Tomorrow we are off to see one of the original copies of the Magna Carta at Lincoln Castle. Another trip into Norwich later on in the week and whatever we can think of next.

It is nice to be back on the site, but I still feel reserved about what I write so I am obviously not as content as I was. A couple more weeks at work should iron out what positions people will have and what expectations the company has.

More next week.

Take care - Julie

 16 May 2009
Here I am, back on the go with the blog, back in the blogisphere again.

What a week. I don't think I have ever been as busy as I have been this week - but a different busy. It would have been an impossibility to get it all done - and I didn't - but a different pressure altogether. Just my own planning telling me what to do next. I do need to delegate outside my department next week - although I should have a fellow techie back off holiday.

Our american visitor should have been here today, however transport delays have mucked the journey up and she arrives tomorrow. That eases up the housework to be done today and hence I have time to write this.

I am off up to the Yorkshire area again on Tuesday for work. I don't expect it to be a good meeting but hey, I won't be the only one there and we (the errant travellers) are united in our views.

We had a good time at the garden show last week and came back with a total of 6 potted things for £23 - considering what we got, good value.

I have to muck out downstairs today, clean bathrooms and get rid of stuff. I have a full washing basket and a grey sky. But most importantly I have to get some milk.


 10 May 2009
I can't believe that it is two months or so since I last had a look at one guy. I went (in one single instance) from an every chance I had to look in to a total absentee. The reason for this absence is simple and before anyone thinks about it - not site related - but stress.

I use this site in all sorts of ways and I think I have said before that this blog is cathartic. That is fine when you are ok with the world and yourself - but beware of venting your feelings should stress and anger come into the equation. Not the sort of simultanious equation I am used to solving and therefore getting my head around these feelings was quite a job.

The reason was all work related. Being away from my comfort zone was what I thought was the primary reason - but stuff is always more complex than that.

I would be foolish to mention details but micromanagement, lack of leadership, arrogant personnel, disinformation, limited help, doomed to fail, are all descriptive terms that I would use for the cause of the stress.

I really hate negativity and do not treat my personnel in such a manner and couldn't cope with it aimed at me in a strange environment.

I think I am over it now.

Anyway, hello again.

 01 March 2009
Another week has been spent in Yorkshire keeping me away from Oneguy, family, dog and my familiar surroundings. To think I thought that with a change of job last Autumn I would be spending more time at home!

I thought last week would be my last working "up north" but no! I am there again on Monday and all of next week.

Vast improvements have been made to my car so it fires on all cylinders all the time and has had a head gasket leak repaired. Fortunately, the water did not get into the oil, it just used a shed load of water each day; what a difference in the old motor now! I have always loved this car despite several annoyances I have had with it, when the engine is running smoothly it is one of the most perfectly behaved cars to drive I have known, it goes where you point it and when you want it to go. Recent experiences with a white van that had no get up and go made me hesitant at junctions, I wanted to go but it was 50:50 whether the van would actually go or not.

Two weeks ago, after a period of particularly poor service, our local closed. I am surprised but very pleased to report that it has opened again with a young lad running it. Already he has made significant changes and it was probably the best thing that it closed and re-opened instead of trying to just take over from a pretty poor and shabby show from the previous landlords.

He has re-decorated (painted) right through; replaced torn curtains, taken down the 2007 calendar and all the tatty torn out pieces of paper that served as notices. He has re-installed the idea that it is a service industry and not just an indulgence. Guinness is again on tap along with a variety of bitters. The groaning chair has been removed from behind the bar and chocolate snacks are now available for the public - not just the landlady. Our friend who says everything twice says that it's not bad at all, it's not bad!

We have a brilliant camp site close to the village and I expect now that the pub can only get busier. If you have a tin tent and fancy a week in Norfolk, I can now thoroughly recommend Great Hockham!

 21 February 2009
What a week. I've been up in Yorkshire again this week and due to the lack of a spare computer on Thursday, I took myself (mi'sen) off in search of ancestors.

Henden, Burnsall, Linton and Grassington were first on the list of places, Hardacre searching. Hardacres not found in graveyards; feet got wet and bottom of trousers got wet but what beautiful countryside.

Next on the list was to get myself to Barrowford and into t' 'eritage. It has changed in the last 30 odd years. Two books purchased twice, I can't say which ones as one pair is for Mum, suffice it to say that the author's name is John.

I am now on a mission to get to Wheatley Lane and thereabouts graveyard spotting and ancestor finding. Wheatley Lane Methodist found and a very small graveyard to go with it. I am looking here for one Stables, several Hardacres (but probably in one plot) and a Slater. I didn't find one of them. All the burials are within the last century so where in b*ggeration are they? I will have to do some more research on Wheatley Lane.

For that matter I thought, looking round, where is Pendle Hill - remarkably absent from the landscape. In fact at that moment I realised that everything was remarkable absent from the landscape. I had been concentrating that much on getting places I hadn't realised that the mist had come down and I couldn't see anything.

Ah well, off to not see Padiham and places around there. Back to Burnley into the Library - found that quite easily thankfully and then back to the car - which I didn't find so easily.

Sum total of ancestors found - zero.
Sum total of achievement felt - 100%

My sense of direction is as good as my non-functional gaydar. But because of map reading skills and careful planning, I had a good day.


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