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 09 November 2007
Well I have been busy these last few days sorting out bits and pieces, getting the site to work as I want it to. Today I installed the new calendar module which is a lot better than the old one, unfortunately the old events data was not compatible so all the events in the older calendar are lost.

I still have a two more major additions to the site as well as general housekeeping in the background and on the server to complete and a growing To-Do list with regards to sorting out a few bugs that have presented themselves (Thanks Panbiker Frown), so that will keep me busy for a while

One of the main tasks I want to accomplish is to slightly change some of the Themes (Skins) in terms of Font Size, I will have to put on my CSS programmers head to accomplish these, I haven't dealt with CSS Style Sheets for a while now and I'm a bit rusty.

All that said, the transfer over to the new server along with the software upgrade as gone quite well, better than I expected.

Oh well, best get back to the keyboard, gonna make myself a brew first though.

Catch you later

 07 November 2007
Well its the first few hours that the sites gone live on the new server and not to many problems along the way. Still a fair bit of tweaking to do but we will get there in the end.

I noticed that a few of the members have been exploring this new blog feature, if you want to create your own Blog here just send me a Private message and I will add you to the Bloggers List.

Well must go, Tweaks to tweak, things to do etc

Catch you all soon and enjoy.

 07 November 2007
Yipee, its 02:37am on a Wednesday morning and the site's gone live at long last. ya-hoo

Now all thats left is to find any bugs in the system and then to add in some modifications I have. Well I'm going to make myself a brew now, review tonights results, then I guess I'll have to hit the sack otherwise I'll be wasted tomorrow.

Catch you all tomorrow...... Enjoy Cheers

 07 November 2007
This is my first blog entry using this new software, currently I busy transfering the OGFB site over to the new server,  there is a lot more to it than I originally thought.

I have got all the main files across and I am busy tweaking the software in readiness for the site to go live.

I am having to wait for the Registrar of Domain Names (Nominet) to change the OGFB site address from the old server to the new one, God knows how long that will take....very annoying.

Oh well i best get back to it, otherwise you lot will be having my guts for garters for not getting the site back up in double quick time.

Bye for Now...Doc

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