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 30 January 2011
It has been a long while since I have been here!

Introducing a new member of the Smith Household

Let me introduce to you - Honey - Sam-u-el the Span-u-el's companion.

I have taken the opportunity to introduce her through the blog as we have a good string going with Anni regarding her rescue dog and I didn't want to encroach on what is a very tender story.

Honey lived in my village for some 2 weeks or so before being taken to a drinking associate of mine for re-homing. The young lad who bought her should not have been allowed so to do - a plea there to ensure all animals are sold to adults - aye and include an IQ test as well! The lad was Honey's 2nd or 3rd owner if you include the breeder.

Fortunately, through a haze of the amber liquid, my friend spotted the one lady in the bar who had been after his daft cocker spaniel who never does as she is told. "If you ever need to let go of Pinky" I kept saying, "Look no further".

Pinky ( or Sasha) as her dad calls her, was a rehomed dog herself, being used to children fussing over her all day and being the darling of the family, it came as a pleasant surprise to her that there is work to be done outdoors. She now goes to work with her adopted mum ( another spaniel) and mucks about on the farm and travels around in tractors all day long. What she hasn't quite got the hang of is the shooting side of things.

Cloe (her adopted mum) is a perfect dog and knows exactly what to do when shooting with my friend. Cloe can show the new dog exactly what to do thought the erstwhile drinking chum. Ah Julian, you can take a dog to a shoot but you can't make it sit still, shut up, be quiet etc etc!

However I digress......

Enter Honey, and my friend knows exactly where a dog can go for walkies, company and not be expected to be perfect.

However, as far as being an absolute darling, she is perfect. She lies in my arms on the settee with her muzzle nuzzling into my neck, gently snoring. During the daytime she is as mad as a bag of frogs, being at the route of all trouble and cushion shredding.

She is extraordinary company for Sam and they bomb about the garden like there is no tomorrow.

Welcome Honey. Photographs to follow.

 27 June 2010
Well here I go with the blog again.

I am on holiday this week, a sort of archeological excavation type holiday - yes it is time to rmove the dust again. I don't know, you get the house dust free and 6 months later it needs doing again!  I need to evacuate spiders - the harvest type that have been with me since last year (or longer perhaps). So that is this weekend sorted. I am a goodly way through the job already.

It is also abundantly clear that I either need to do somethig with this keyboard or replace it. I am quite a fast typist and the keyboard is not keeping up with me. I keep having to go back and add odd letters that have been missed off!

I am off to see my Mum and Dad on Tuesday and am looking forward to seeing them, somehow that trip across country is a difficult journey, there being no direct route east west.

Steve fixed the umbrella on the garden table yesterday, we have been eating out there for the last 2 weeks.

The latter end of the week will be spent in Norwich records office doing what I like doing best! The lot I am searching for there is a family called Fiddy. There are a couple of Fiddys in Lancashire, we are related or at least Steve is. Fiddy is a very Norfolk name.

I also have a little research to do for someone else so I shall be enjoying a very nerdy holiday.

Speak next week

 19 June 2010
This is my 99th blog entry and the first proper one I have done for some time.

Since the last blog entries I have changed jobs and (fingers crossed) this seems like a far nicer place to be. I am still a little tender from the last job but am improving day by day, the best day's work I did was to tell them to sort the personnel out whilst I was off with stress, of course they didn't do anything of the sort and only proceded to make more mistakes but it was a moment of freedom for me. I took the time off ill to sort out my problems and that meant getting another job. Did that, handed in my notice, advised them gently of a few home truths and got out.

So now I am a spice girl, working with sauces and the like; well it is either a spice girl or Olive Oil (Popeye's girlfriend) as we also do flavoured oils. I have a lot of learning to do but I am also bringing a lot to the company - what other people do and how they do it. So far they seem pleased.

Family history still takes up an inordinate amount of my free time, housework has suffered. I may make amends this weekend and clear some dust. I watched 2 episodes of "How clean is your house" which always acts as a booster for me to get stuff done. Nothing in the house is as bad as on that programme but the dust will continue to collect.

I have poisoned two houseplants recently, this is a new and novel way of killing them even for me. What happened was that I was watering them and noticed that the water was "bubbly" but carried on none the less. As I watered the plants I saw the inside of the watering can and noticed it was green with algae, "I'll have to clean that" I thought and then I remembered that the last time I had watered them I had the same idea and had poured a kitchen cleaner into the watering can and left it to soak......

No wonder plants flinch as I pick them up to take home. Steve picked one up off the floor in the garden centre and told me it had tried committing suicide before I picked it out to take home.

Never mind eh?

 12 June 2010
Sorry about the boring experimental stuff, here goes nothing:


Got it!

Back to rotton old internet explorer for oneguy then.

 12 June 2010

Oh, and the other idea I had didn't work either 


Kind regards

See you next week

Tarra for now, I will attempt to write later 

Oh, it won't add a row in the right place even if you do it on edit mode!

Well it is a long time since I added to my blog. I want to start writing (vainly I thought I had a story to tell) and thought this would ease me into it. I have discovered recently that I cannot add empty rows within text to indicate new paragraphs as this system chucks the empty row in above the paragraph most recently written, this means I have to write my blogs backwards. Just like my life really.

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