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 21 November 2007
It's my first wedding anniversary today. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.
Imindoors remembered. We haven't bought cards or anything but he has wished me a happy anniversary....after he wished me a Happy Picard Day! It's also the anniversary of us signing the deeds for the house in France. That was 2 years ago!

We are going out for a meal tonight with our closest friends. They are the friends who joined us on our wedding day. The meal wasn't arranged because of the anniversary, it was arranged because I was going to be in the archives all day with Anne and we wouldn't be back until late and wouldn't feel like cooking. We should have been going to Halifax, the archines are shut on Wednesdays though so it kind of put a stop to our plans. Not to worry, we are still going out tonight.

I've just seen a banner thing on the site saying 34 days to Christmas! Crikey, is that all. Better crack on with the shopping. Imindoors will be bleating bah humbug before long I bet. He makes me laugh because I know that secretly he enoys it these days.

 19 November 2007
Had a great weekend. It's nice to have Imindoors back safe and sound. We didn't go anywhere or do anything...we just curled up on the sofa together and chatted and watched a bit of TV. It was bliss. We don't do it nearly enough. Most of the time we have a laptop each and do our own thing.

Doc has installed 'Arcade' on the site. Wish I hadn't spotted it, I spent far too long playing darts this morning. It took 25+ throws before I figured out how to get a dart in the board! I have to be out at 10 to go for my french lesson, I'm behind schedule now.
I need to buy corned beef while I am out. Simon Rimmer made corned beef hash on Something for the Weekend yesterday. We haven't had that for ages so I'm making it for tea tonight.
I wonder if I can do my next blog in french? Wonder if I can be bothered!

One more game of darts and then I'll go out with the dog.

 17 November 2007
Santa's been!

He arrived home at 4am as I expected. I'm glad he was on time, I woke up 10 minutes before he walked through the door in a bit of a panic. Didn't have to wait long though. He's going to be shattered today

 16 November 2007
Had a quieter day today. It feels like Christmas Eve. It's going so slow! Imindoors is driving home from France as I type. He left Picard at 12 lunchtime (UK time).He should walk through the door at about 4am. Why is it only 10pm now!
I've had a drink tonight to make me sleep, I'll be awake until I hear the key otherwise. Driving throught the night worries me in case he is tired.
It feels like he has been away for much longer than a week. I hope he has missed me as much as I missed him.

I went out for lunch with an old schoolfriend today. We go once every couple of weeks or so, depending what shifts she is working. It was nice to catch up again and passed a couple of hours.

Think I will slope off to bed in the hope that I'll fall asleep. It's going to be a long night!

 15 November 2007
Did I say shopping wouldn't last all day? We paused for my haircut and then started again this afternoon! I am shattered now. I did manage to get a few pressies and I have an idea what to get for others.
I think I will have a soak in the bath and then sit and pig out on posh chocs and wine in front if the TV.
I am out for lunch tomorrow, thank goodness every week isn't this hectic!

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