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 11 December 2007
test posting in blogs to make sure it works ok with the new database

 19 November 2007
Well that's it for another day, I managed to get another new addition on to the site, its an Arcade module where everyone can play a game in their spare time, I bet it will get addictive as people who are naturally competitive (not like me Wink) will  be on there a lot for hours trying to get the latest high scores.

We will see see how it goes, if its a popular addition then it will stay, if not I will move to a less prominent position on the site.

Had roast pork, apple sauce, mash and veg for tea - it was yummy.

We have had the log fire roaring all day, it's been bitter up here on the top of Weets, I can hear the wind now, howling outside as I type. Brrrrr.

Well it's late now so I'm off to bed, I expect some decent high scores in the OGFB Arcade by the time I get back to the site tomorrow afternoon, I guess we will soon see who the serious gamers are.

Take care

 18 November 2007
This afternoon I was rumaging up in the loft looking for some stuff that I needed, when her thats is to be listened to told me to bring down the Xmas tree along with the decorations , I told her that its a bit early yet, but whatever, down they came.
I don't know when she is planning on setting them up but what ever she does, it won't be anything like this guys Xmas lights

 17 November 2007
Over the last few days I have been busy programming, I have just finished off what I call the "SkyMark" project, which is a utility that overprints a watermark/copyright notice on images displayed on the site. I have integrated it on here,I'm quite pleased with the results.

If the original poster entered the copyright information when they uploaded their image this new program will display that information and overlay it on top of the original image, if they didn't enter any information then it just overlays a default copyright notice.

I think that by doing this it gives the original owner recognition as well as safeguarding their copyright, in these days of plagiarism on the internet you can't be to careful

an example is shown below

Well I'd best be off otherwise I will be getting it in the ear from the wife, I've got family coming round for the evening.

Talking of the wife, I downloaded a great ringtone that alerts me when she is phoning me.Tongue-out

Listen to it here [Click Here]

 14 November 2007
Well just a few more items on the things to do list, one of them is to get the donations system set up again, I will have to rewrite most of it because the old system is not compatible, shouldn't take me to long though and I can get back all the old information of who's donated in the past, I haven't lost it. I'll get it back up again asap and it will show all those who have donated but haven't received any acknowledgment as yet.

I've just been down town to fill the car up, by heck its a bit nippy out there, fine but colder than I thought it was (I should get out of the house more often), so when I got back I banged the heating on to warm the house through.

With all the late nights of late (4-5am's), I have got out of my normal sleep pattern, so yesterday I stayed up for 30hours and went to sleep at the normal time, I had a good nights kip and today I feel that I am back into the normal routine again.

I've just popped tonights tea into the oven, I call it Shepherds Hotpot, its my take on Shepherds Pie and Lancashire Hotpot and it tastes well yummy, can't wait till 6pm though, I'm hungry now.

The sites page hits are starting to get back to normal  now, we had a dip in them when we changed servers, because a lot of people had been having trouble getting back onto the site through the search engines, but the search engines have now got there act together and people are finding there way back. I have just noticed the online user record on the bottom of the home page menu, 158 online users last night at, may it long continue. I was chatting to Stanley yesterday and we both thought that the usage of the site will start to increase now due to the increased speed of access and the new features the site offers. The more the merrier I say!

I see that the members "Another", "Calluna" and Melteaser" are getting into the blogging habit, it can be quite addictive talking to yourself and having nobody replying, if any of you want to start blogging just drop me a private message and I will add you to the bloggers list.

well the coffee break is over so I must get on, programs to write and bugs to fix.

Catch you all later

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