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OGFB Blog: Julie in Norfolk

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 15 February 2009
I came to Yorkshire this week - on account of I had to work there.

By! It put on some weather for me! The journey up was lovely, straight up the A1(M) and A1 proper and then across on the A64 past York and heading toward Scarborough. Incidently I used to live in Scarborough for a few months in 1963. The area didn't suit mothers asthma though and we went back to Essex afterwards. I do remember a wonderful day at Oliver's Mount, some sort of family day with loads of stuff going on.

Thursday put on some snow to amuse me driving back to the hotel. I can thoroughly recommend the Creswell Arms near Malton. Comfortable rooms and brilliant steak and chips. It also serves a lovely pint or three of Theakstones bitter.

I will also recommend the Malt Shovel in Hovingham where I partook of Beef Pie and a rather wonderful pint of Black Sheep.

I am back up in that neck of the woods again this week and who knows what wonders await.

I am travelling incognito, using my husbands recently purchased ford, it is not the newest car in the world - but hey, it got me about nicely. My car is a little ill at the moment. Our good friend Graham is fixing it but the water pump went yesterday afternoon at about 15.45 causing an end to the fixing until Monday when we can get another one. Hen has fixed my head gasket and cured the misfire. What a star. I have referred to him as my sh*te in nining white armour before.

I'll talk again next week,
Have fun

 08 February 2009
Well it is nice to have someone else with a blog going, I did wonder if I was talking to myself - but then again I mostly do that anyway.

Tomorrow - 9th Feb I am off up to Yorkshire for a week to work, I am a little concerned about the travelling just in case the weather gets bad, but I shall be prepared and take shed loads of stuff to keep me warm just in case.

This will be my first venture into Gods own County for a long while and I am just wondering which route to take, I have a theory about it being warmer at the coast and I may not hit as much poor weather if I travel from Thetford to Kings Lynn then up to Grimsby, across the Humber up to Driffield and then on to Malton. Others may disagree.

I have been eating Parkin and saying "Ow do" a lot this week to get back into practice. My friend wants a photograph of the Yorkshire Tea Plantation and despite my best efforts, I have been unable to locate this on a map. Any suggestions???

Reiyt on, ahll be down th'pub if tha needs mi.

 23 January 2009
Well I didn't make the apology mentioned on my last blog, seems she had to apologise to me - brill.

Emma is back from America and safely sat upstairs at her computer as I speak. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience out with the colonials (teehee) and is keen to get back to silicone valley.

I am hoping that I have not jumped out of the frying pan into the fire as we have a mass of redundancies happening at work. I shan't mention the company - but it made national news. I do hope that I am part of the future of the firm and not just an error of judgement being taken on at the wrong time.

The techno team had some fun with personality profiling today. Someone expressed an interest the other day and I have a book with Belbin personality tests. I always come out as "plant" which is the innovator and unconventional one out of the 8 personality types. We have a couple of budding leaders and a good solid steady one as well. We are intent on getting "he who must be obeyed" to take this profile as well so that we can show him where he is going wrong. Hrrumph.

Much amusement at work this week with a misbehaving coffee machine. The machine refused to take 10p, 20p or 5p pieces but quite happily took £1 coin, whereupon it gave 65p in 1p pieces change. We could hear the boss coming from miles away - jingle jingle.

I think I shall be spending more on 1911 census again this weekend, looking for Moses and Agnes Borrowdale - if Cumberland is up and running; if not I shall be desparately seeking Richard Slater b 1856 and living in Blackburn probably.

Must do this more regularly again. It is helpful to put things on paper and achieve some sort of order.

All the best

 11 January 2009
I have been a little lapse about the blog since christmas, I suppose I have been pushing too much into the weekends. In fact I have been quite poor at visiting the website altogether - something I need to fix.

I have been letting (or allowing) stupid little things to get to me over the last fortnight and I suspect that both the lack of going to OGFB and the niggles are both symptomatic of other stuff. Having recognised it, I shall have to act.

I did get a job done yesterday that I have been wanting to do for a while and I also bought my handbag diary. I have also purchased a new work bag - my pilot's bag is a little cumbersome on the 1/4 mile hike from the carpark to the offices.

An new leaf must be turned on Monday when I get in, and I think I have an apology to make. Best thing is to do that first thing and get the new week off to a better start.

My daughter is in America still but is due home this weekend. I have a trip to Heathrow to collect her and bring her back, only about 180 miles there so not too far I suppose.

It is great to get the Christmas over and done with, I missed going to see mum and dad as Phil and Steve had colds and I didn't want to spread that about. Hopefully we will get to see them soon, parcels are still here waiting to be handed over.

Here is to a new week and a new leaf turned. I still cannot stand negativity from folks though, and someone else is going to have to adapt their ways if we are to get on.

 25 December 2008
Merry Xmas to one and all.

Steve is cooking some sausages as I sit here, it is time for the cholesterol special that will take us through to 18.00 hrs when Christmas dinner will be served, want it or not.

Sam-u-el the Span-u-el has been walked and got his toes very muddy. As yet there are no noises from upstairs that would indicate life in my son - or even signs of life from my son. I guess Christmas just isn't as exciting when you are 30!

I am on the first of my two extra days off over this period. Back to work on Monday. Absolutely shed loads to do as normal.

I have been very priveleged in that having registered with the 1911 census site, I was invited to have a look around using findmypast vouchers. I was a little disappointed at first as none of my counties were available but some of Steve's lot came from London and we found them. They added a few extra counties on and we found more of Steve's lot there.

The main differences are that there appears to be a page a family group and the heads of the house have to state how many children they have and how many have died. Very useful for us genealogists but it must have seemed intrusive at the time.

All that the site has done is made me even more determined to book holiday for when the 1911 census is available.

Anyway, sausages, bacon, eggs, fried bread, tomatoes and mushrooms await. Anyone else fancy that?

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