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 23 May 2008
We are in France. What a manic couple of weeks it's been. My parents are with us so I have been acting as tour guide while imindoors works his little cotton socks off. Poor bloke looks shattered but until we move into the offices we can't set on the staff.
Radiopaq had an excellent review at the weekend on BBC Click. We didn't know anything about it until registrations hit an all time high. We also had a bit of good news this week where Radiopaq is concerned but I have to keep that one under wraps for a while.

While we have been here, we have visited Agen, Bergerac, Caussade, Cahors, Moissac, Libos and the local market, Montcuq.  I am absolutely shattered with all the driving around.
We have also caught up with quite a few friends, english and french. We have painted some of the exterior wood and fixed a leaky loo (it's not only Cally that gets bog problems!) as well as a broken window catch. Not that the window catch matters, we only lock up when we leave because of the insurance cover. We don't bother all the time that we are here.
We have had quite good weather though it's not as good as it usually is at this time of year. We stuck out like sore thumbs, wandering around in summer wear while the locals were wearing woolies. We had 20-25 degrees most days but the locals consider that to be cold!
I can't wait until Monday to get my pooch back. I hate leaving him in the kennels though I know he is perfectly safe.
Tarte a la Paysanne avec salade for tea, getting a bit sick of BBQ's!!!

 12 May 2008
Wow! Almost a month has passed since I last wrote here...where did that go?

Just read Cally's blog....having trawled the forum to try and find out why she went missing it was as simple as slow loading pages. Must drives me nuts too. It's one of the reasons I dont pop in nearly as often as I once did.

Off to France tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the 16+ hours drive but it will be worth it when we get there.  I still have so much to do! I guess if something doesn't get done...tough.

Higgins has had an eye problem this week. The vet thinks he must have knocked it but also had conjuctiviis. He seems much better now though it's been a bit of a worry, it looked really painful and he hasn't been himself at all.

We had our first bbq here for 2 years at the weekend. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, I tried out a couple of new salad dishes on them. One was a 'swedish style potato salad' though I'm not sure what was swedish about it! Tasty anyway. The other was a nectarine and watercress salad. That was really nice. I also did some slow roasted red peppers in the oven. Then there was the usual meat offerings. No doubt we shall have plenty more bbq's while we are in France.

Better go and pack my bag I suppose. That will be one job less for tomorrow.

 20 April 2008
I had a slightly easier week, things are still chaotic for imindoors though.
We've been looking to employing staff. There is already one guy working full time for RP, interviews are in process to get more. We are a bit stuck at the moment though. We are moving into offices at the end of May so there is nowhere for the staff to work from (except home) until then but we could do with the staff now! Catch 22? Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm really looking forward to the move and getting my home back. This doesn't feel much like home these days with all the comings and goings. I'm going to decorate once the furniture has been shifted.

I'm having mega problems with my eczema at the moment. I can control my scratching in the day but find I am scratching in my sleep. I woke up covered in blood this morning having scratched my fingers raw. I think it's time to stop dairy produce for a while to give it chance to clear up. It's surprising what effect it has on everyday activities. I couldn't grip the steering wheel on the car today because my fingers are so sore, I've not been that bad for a heck of a long time. Imindoors ended up chauffering me. Oh well, it's an inconvenience for a while but not life threatening thankfully.

 08 April 2008
Boy have we been busy lately. I can't believe we are in April! I haven't updated my blog for ages!
We've only had time to go to France once since October. Most unusual, we had just returned from our third trip since Christmas this time last year. We are going in May though with my mum and dad. I'm quite looking forward to that, I have a few day trips planned for them including Agen (home of the prune), Toulouse, Bergerac and Oradour-sur-Glane. We are only there for about 10 days so we will have a few days relaxing and a couple of days of D.I.Y. too.

I've been having a bit of a catch-up on some of the topics...baffled by Stanley's comment of a 'light shower of hard snow' (Spring & Summer thread).
I feel so sorry for Moh, an awful time for her but with so many dog lovers on this site she will have lots of understanding. Higgins is getting older, his hearing is terrible and he limps occasionally, he seems quite insecure too. I can't move without him looking where I am. He used to be my boy but these days I have taken to calling him my old man.

I'm chuffed for Cally and E. Really pleased that things are working out, there are bound to be a few hurdles but isn't that what life is about. Makes it all interesting. We kept a diary of the trials and tribulations when we were buying Picard, I suppose Cally's blog is the same thing. It's interesting to look back now things are more settled for us and see the problems we encountered along the way. I know there is no way I would put myself through it again.

So, what have I been spending my time on these last few months...a radio portal. Obviously imindoors is the brains but I have been doing what I can to help and doing anything that has been asked of me. It's looking quite good now, and with Mac compatibility through Safari, maybe even Cally could tune in. you do need a couple of addons but with a bit of luck, most mac users already have these installed.
I've found some brilliant stations, there's almost 5000 now around the world, thats been one of my jobs...adding the station info, I still haven't finished so there may still be the odd broken link. Most of our listeners seem to be footie fans at the moment. We have had quite a lot of listeners from Europe and as far as Oz listening to 2BR through the portal. Anyway, the link is if you are interested.

 13 January 2008
Yipppeeee.Sam made it through intensive care. It was a dry joint and after a bit of re-soldering, is charging and working better than ever.
Thank you imindoors. My hero.

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