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Printable Version A Bit of a Puzzle.....

This is a very new site but I think anyone who has been watching progress will agree that it's quite remarkable how much solid content and comment it is generating.  For an essentially local site, the range of membership and contributions is excellent.

However, and I know I am being impatient here, what puzzles me is the absence of involvement on the part of the people I think could benefit most.  My list includes techers, the churches, community organisations and even the Town Council.  It may well be that the reason is lack of time or a belief that enough is being done already but this is not necessarily true.

One of the essential features of Oneguy is that it is very carefully moderated and in consequence its visitor and member population is a very responsible and active segment of the community.  These are the very people that could benefit local organisations the most.

Take one recent event, the stupid vandalism at Holy Trinity Church.  All I have seen about this is a brief but responsible report in the Barlick and Earby Times.  Wouldn't it make sense for an article to be submitted to Oneguy that fully reported the difficulties and laid out what the possible root causes were?  Is HT the only church that has suffered this type of attack?  Oneguy can give more space than is possible in the local papers and proper exposure could do nothing but good.

What news has the Town Council got about the future use of Rainhall Road School?  We are nearing three years since it closed and every enquiry I make results in assurances that a solution is close.  Wouldn't it be a good idea to be open with us and tell us exactly what the situation is? 

It may come as a bit of a shock, but how much do people know about the activities of the Frank Street Pensioners?  How did this initiative start?  The same questions could be asked about many community activities and Oneguy could be a good forum for expansion on these subjects.

I suspect that much of the lack of communication is due to inertia.  If you haven't done it, you can't know how easy it is to submit a topic or article.  Perhaps someone may hear of this plea from a friend but hasn't got a computer or access to the web.  If you are reading this and know someone in this position, get them to write something and put it on the site for them.  If the problem is a bigger one of scanning and digitising, ring me and I'll arrange for any reasonable resources to be made available.  The number is 813527.

I passionately believe that sharing information and communicating is one of the most beneficial activities we can indulge in.  It can't possibly do any harm and has the potential for significant good.  Doc has given his time and resources in a quite remarkable way in the last month and it is a credit to him what he has achieved.  We should not do less than support him by engaging in the process.  Please reach for the phone or mail Doc and find out what exposure the site can give you and your cause.  It could be the most productive thing you do today.

Best regards, Stanley.

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 Added on:  22/04/2004
 Author/Source:  SCG
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 Posted by:  Stanley
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