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Printable Version Lancashire Terms


"Ah cud eyt a buttered frog"- I'm hungry

"Ah'm fur clemt! Weers mi jackbit?" - I'm quite hungry. Where did I leave my packed meal?

" Ah wurr cawd goin't'shops burra forgeet" "It was my intention to go to the shops but I forgot" (I was called) (TM. Leigh)

"Ah'm bown't faw owt wi' thee, lad" (Quote from Tony McCormacks' Father in Law, when he caught Tony in a compromising position with daughter - Karen - before they were married) "I am bound to fall out with you young man"

"'As't purrup mi snap?" - Have you prepared my sandwiches, for work?

"Bin mon bin mon?" - Probably from Wigan - "Has the Dustbin man been?"

"Bread etten is soon forgetten"Said about an ungrateful person

"Con'ta lend a hond mon" - "Can you please help me"

"Don't stand on'th edge o't'cut, mon, th'art teed faw in"- Don't stand on the edge of the canal, my friend, you are certain to fall in

"Ees fair bowlegged wi brass" - "He's very rich"

"Faitin dogs come limpin whoam" -(Fighting dogs come limping home) "Don't quarrel"

"It's a luvly shade o' black o'er t'mother-in-laws" It's about to rain (From T & K McCormack, collected from a chap named Brutus, who was from Leigh.)

"Jow thee fat yed" - "Shut up, you always think you're right" (S Cook)

"Keep yer 'and on yer haupney" Warning to young ladies "Don't let young men take liberties) (Andy G)

"Mi belly thinks mi throats bin cut" - I'm very hungry

"Monny sondy greaunders" - Reference to natives of Blackpool or Southport (Sandy beaches)

"Once every Preston Guild" Not strictly dialect, but a phrase that means "Not very often" (Preston Guild occurs every 20 years)

"Pigs wain't follow an empty bucket" - "People will not work for nothing"

" Put Th'wood in'th'ole" - (Put the wood in the hole) - "Close the door"

"Stondin theer like one a' Burtons dummies" description of an idle person

"Tha's bin aytin vinnigger offa knife" - a response to a sharp phrase or scolding remark

"Tha's no oyl in thi' lamp" said to a 'fool'

"Thick enough t'chowk a donkey" A reference to a wad of notes in a rich mans wallet.

"Tintintin"- It is not in the metal container

"Mi belly thinks mi throoats cut" I am ready for something to eat

"Yer weren't made at Pilks" A St Helens term for "You are obstructing my view" (Pilks - Pilkingtons Glass Works)

"Wertibenfur" Where are you bound for or "wurt ti gewin"

"Tha meks a betta doower than a winda" You are obstructing my view (usually the TV).

"Bet tha cud eyt an appul thro a beard wire fence" My you have got big teeth

"Thaz a face like a line a wet weshin" Stop sulking

"Sawreetferthee" It is all right for you

"Standin theer leyke cheese at fourpence" Hanging around - Having nothing better to do.

"'Es spat is dummy out" He is angry (childish like tantrum).

"Tha **** sto a pig in a ginnel" You are very bowlegged

"Thes getten a face leyk a bulldog chompin a wassap" God you're ugly
(" Thes geete a face leyke a bulldog likkin piss off a nettle")

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 Added on:  14/03/2004
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 Comments:  6 Comment(s)

  By: Cathy on 08/01/2005
'e's not sa green as cabbage lookin' (He may look naive but isn't)

  By: ginny on 29/11/2005
luv this one, beening a dare I say a lancashire lass living in yorkshire.

  By: davehall on 18/12/2006
I even understand it over here in Yorkshire. What about -- I've seen more meat on a butchers pencil. -- He is very thin.

  By: Flutterby on 07/01/2007
If time was wasted, Tha never make child a new frock! my mum used to say

  By: Invernahaille on 05/02/2007
tin tin tin (It isnt in the tin)

  By: Sunray10 on 17/12/2010
"I'll go ta tha foot of our stairs" A great surprise.

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