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Printable Version From Cathy - Adelaide , Australia

<P>Hi Stanley and members</P>
<P>I was asked to say a few words about Barnoldswick and myself.   Here is a quick rundown about why I have accessed this site.  I was born in Barnoldswick in '56.  Our family names are Moss, Tillotson, Whittaker, Cowburn (Coburn), Pollard, Jacques, Fletcher, Lane, Wordsworth (yes William).  I can remember Pantomimes, Pendle Hill, my Grandma working a cotton mill (oh! the noise), walking in the countryside - field after field, hour after hour, whatever season, my Dad walking on frozen brooks & streams first to see if it was safe, and treading through the snow first, so that we could follow - to take us to school, the canal, Letcliffe Park with Grandma Moss, Rainhall Rd School ('63) - milk defrosting on the radiators, seperate playing areas for girls and boys. The smell of the meat pies every Friday lunch time in the shop at the bottom of Colne Rd, being fed a spoonful of malt every school morning, tealeaves on my Grandma's cobble stones, the Grammar School when it was new, the round Post Office, I watched The Holy Trinity Church being built, blackberry picking, and so many other memories.  My paternal Grandparents used to own Moor Close Farm and several other properties in Barnoldswick.  I was born in Fountain St, my Grandparents lived in Ellis St and at Moor Close Farm then  Back Colne Rd. It was when Barnoldswick was in Yorkshire, postal address via Colne Lancs.  I've lived in Australia since '64 - very different.  Often - in heart and spirit - I am still in Barnoldswick, I dearly love to be there again.  I often access other Yorkshire/English  sites eg:,,,, just to keep up to date.  Anyway thats a quick run down on why I'm writing this.  Please look after and appreciate what you have.  Take Care   Cathy     </P>
<P> </P>

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 Added on:  10/12/2004
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 Posted by:  Cathy
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