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Printable Version Advice for librarians

Oneguyfrombarlick is a very clean and secure site and I was surprised this morning to find that some of the computers in the local library were faling to load much of the site.  It would appear that these have been set on maximum security levels to protect the users, mainly children.  However, Karen at Barlick has one computer available for the public with a lower level of protection and the site performed well on it.
The message is simple, please make sure that if your clients are accessing the site they are on a computer that allows them to do it (Cookies Enabled).  A second consideration is that in order to have full use of the site's facilities it is necessary to log on.  This is perfectly safe on the site as there is no advertising or adware and certainly no mailing lists.  So the message is that registering is quick, free, easy and safe.  Please encourage clients to do this as it helps our profile and gives them full access to post their own research.
Everything on the site is free to air, it can be dwnloaded or printed.  There is only one exception to this and it is the 190 pics in the LTP which are Crown Copyright.  However, this is no bar as the LTP contains a copy of the Licemce from HMSO and the Queen's Printer which allows personal and in-house use worldwide for non-profit use.

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 Added on:  29/04/2004
 Author/Source:  SCG
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 Posted by:  Stanley
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